Nov 03, 2016 I Paul Seaburn

Witness Claims His UFO Video Files Were Mysteriously Hacked

This was amazing footage . however . I downloaded this to my laptop in 4 dif places in case I lost some . an sent the vid to family an friends . however nobody received it

Is nothing safe from hackers? A UFO witness in New Zealand claims he shot clear video of what he described as a large glowing orb-shaped mothership with smaller crafts entering and exiting from various points. In his report to MUFON, he states that he downloaded the video to four different spots on his computer and sent copies to friends. The friends didn’t receive the emails and he claims the videos on his PC as well as the original on his camcorder have been altered or removed by an outside force. Is he telling the truth? If so, how did he get so seriously hacked? And by whom … or what?


… filmed it for approx. 17 mins the mother ship was opening a platform an smaller craft were takin off at all angles . plus also exitin from below . there were definitely 6 smaller craft .. maybe 7 .. there also was an red orb beneath some distance of which one of the smaller ships attached itself to . distance me to ships approx. 2 miles ..

Pete, the first-names-only-please witness, tells his story in MUFON case # 78924 and included some detailed drawings of what he claimed to have seen. The location is Coromandel, which is a peninsula on New Zealand’s North Island. The drawings are interesting but not unusual when compared to hand-drawn depictions of UFOs by other witnesses. What’s most interesting is the witness’ description of the hacking.

… approx. 4 days later I checked the video.. some bastard had hacked it .. the video was now 5-6 mins long.


Hmm. He says the so-called hackers didn’t remove the files, just reduced their length from 17 minutes to 6. Why would they not remove them? Are they just toying with him? He also gives no speculation on how the hackers found out about his files. Shouldn’t he be suspicious of his friends?

He claims that there’s still some footage of a smaller UFO in the video but the file is “too big” to send – could that have also been the problem with the original 17 minute videos he tried to email?


Why would the hackers not remove the files completely, as he said they did with the original on his ‘camcorder’? (Who calls it a camcorder anymore?) If it was a smartphone, this is a far more serious hack than just messing with the files on his PC. He’s rightly more protective of the hacked video he claims he still has. However, now he’s implicating MUFON in the hacking.

... plus whats to say these bastards arnt goin to steal it again .. what's not to say u guys arnt one of them.

OK, Pete. Hunting for UFOs and aliens is tough to begin with and you claim you were hacked BEFORE you got MUFON involved, so you could be a little more helpful. Despite all of this, Roger Stankovic, National Director MUFON Australia & New Zealand, says he’ll continue to investigate the case.

What do you think? Was ‘Pete’ hacked or is he hoaxing? Who would have committed such a strange hack and why? Should we believe any current UFO reports using drawings instead of videos or photographs?

Paul Seaburn

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