Dec 20, 2016 I Brett Tingley

Alien Hunters Spot Trio Of Mile-High “Towers” On Mars

For whatever reason, Mars just seems to have a hold on the human imagination. For centuries, artists and writers have depicted the red planet as a bizarre alien world full of strange creatures beyond our wildest imaginations. Perhaps the most famous example of our collective fascination with Mars is H.G. Wells’ 1898 novel The War of the Worlds, in which hostile Martians leave their dying planet behind to come down and steal ours - by eradicating humanity in the process, naturally.

All those errant reality TV transmissions probably pissed them off.

Even though we have successfully landed several rovers on the surface of the red planet and catalogued its surface with orbital satellites, the speculations and fanciful imaginings about what wonders lie for us on Mars continue to this day. In most recent perhaps-speculative Mars news, some internet alien hunters have released what they call “proof” of a past intelligent civilization on Mars.

One of the images allegedly showing evidence of a past Martian civilization.

The recent buzz began when YouTuber Mundodesconocido published a Spanish-language video alleging that three tower-like structures seen in photographs are a set of alien megastructures each over a mile high. Mundodesconocido spotted the structures in the the Terra Meridiani region of Mars while poring over images collected by Google Mars. The images were originally taken by NASA during the Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Odyssey missions.

Screen Shot 2016 12 17 at 11 50 34 AM e1481995473567
One of the raw images of the Terra Meridiani region depicting three...somethings.

Aside from Google Mars, the raw images which depict the alleged "alien megatowers" are published by Malin Space Systems can be seen on their website. Clearly, if the photos can be considered accurate, there are indeed three very similarly-shaped structures found in this particular region of the Marian landscape; whether or not they are of alien origin, however, remains a mystery. The “towers” could simply be naturally-occurring geological formations. Satellite images are notoriously difficult to use as proof for claims that structures seen in them might be artificially-constructed.

Screen Shot 2016 12 17 at 11 58 31 AM e1481995308344
A 3D interpretation of what the "towers" might look like on the Martian surface.

Naturally, many of the usual alien-hunting sources have declared this to be definitive proof of alien life on Mars. With similar claims being tossed about every time a strange rock is found on Mars, however, it can be difficult to take these types of discoveries seriously.

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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