Dec 15, 2016 I Paul Seaburn

Green UFOs Appear in South Africa and Spain

Multiple media outlets across South Africa reported the sighting of a green UFO on the night of December 12th by commercial pilots near Jeffreys Bay in the Eastern Cape province on the Indian Ocean coast. This sighting occurred just a day after a similar sighting of a green UFO off the coast of Spain and about a year after a green UFO was seen by many witnesses in Cape Town. What are they and are they related?

A Boeing 737 cargo aircraft Captain and Co-Pilot, flying from Cape Town International Airport to Port Elizabeth International Airport, reported seeing what appeared to be a green object increasing in altitude past the cockpit of their aeroplane reaching to about a thousand feet into clouds above them and then returning towards earth at high speed past the cockpit of the aeroplane.

That report came from Craig Lambinon, a spokesperson for the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI). a voluntary maritime rescue organization in South Africa. He says the unnamed flight crew first reported the green UFO to the air traffic control center in Port Elizabeth which determined that the plane was at an altitude of 3,000 feet and flying over the ocean 10 nautical miles from Jeffreys Bay when the incident occurred. That’s about 90 km (55 miles) west of the Port Elizabeth International Airport, the plane’s destination.

nsri jeffs 570x381
The NSRI station at Jeffreys Bay which investigated the UFO

When air traffic controllers could not determine a cause (they dismissed the possibility of a military flare because they don’t reach that altitude), they contacted the NSRI station at Jeffrey’s Bay to search for what might be an undocumented aircraft in trouble. Lambinon reported to the media:

NSRI Jeffreys Bay were alerted and although the matter was monitored throughout the night the green object has not been seen since and there are no reports of anyone, or craft or aircraft overdue or missing. No further reports of sightings have been received and the incident remains a mystery.

Well, no further sightings in Jeffreys Bay. However, the night before the pilots saw their UFO, a bright green UFO was seen by witnesses in La Hita (Toledo), Sevilla, Calar Alto (Almería), Sierra Nevada and La Sagra (Granada) who also reported an explosion and tremors. While no photographs of the Jeffreys Bay UFO were taken, numerous witnesses got photos of the Spanish object. That UFO was determined by University of Huelva astrophysicist Jose María Madiedo to be an asteroid traveling at 72,000 km/h (44,000 mph).

Was the Jeffreys Bay UFO a similar meteorite – perhaps one from the same shower? The pilots say it rose as it passed them before crashing into the water. That doesn’t sound like a meteor.

2015 570x298
UFO seen over Cape Town and Durban in November 2015

Was is something else? A little over a year ago on November 28, 2015, numerous witnesses in Cape Town, on the west side of South Africa, and Durban, on the east coast, reported a glowing green disc that some described as a “wormhole” because of its shape and the way light emanated downward from it. No explanation appears to have been given for it.

It sounds like South Africans need to keep their cell phones handy and their eyes on the sky.

Paul Seaburn

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