Dec 23, 2016 I Micah Hanks

UFO, Secret Weapon, or Kaiju? Video Shows “Mystery Object” Being Escorted Through California

The box was massive--perhaps some kind of container--with who knows what inside.

Whatever it was, the "thing" came to the attention of a motorist in the early morning hours, who managed to film it as the mystery box was escorted along past him by a convoy of police cars.

This is just the kind of story that makes the Internet go nuts, and though it isn't the first time it has happened, the description of the latest bizarre nighttime parade is admittedly strange.

The story was discovered thanks to a video uploaded to the web by YouTube user "somiskid", who purportedly observed the convoy as it carried a massive container through Saticoy, California. A large, slow moving truck carried a massive container, with traffic building up behind it as it made its slow progress through the night.

And apparently, it wasn't the first of its kind; somiskid says this is the second transport of a massive container like this that he's seen. You can see the video in question below:

The Internet is rife with videos like this, featuring the transport of "mystery objects" (read: covered with tarpaulin or some other fixture that partially conceals its appearance). Consider the "UFO" that was seen as it was similarly carried through Arizona earlier this year, which some observers compared to something right out of films like Flight of the Navigator or Independence Day (and for the latter, just make sure we're talking about the original film, not that God-forsaken sequel that aired a few months ago).

The "UFO" was likely some variety of drone or stealth aircraft, although there was speculation at the time about why it would be passing through Arizona in the first place.

UFO 570x288
The Arizona "UFO", photo by Charlene Yazzie.

Tyler Rogoway of the Fox Trot Alpha site noted that, to be specific, it seemed odd that one of the Navy's X-47B UAVs or a similar craft would have been passing through the area:

There is no reason that either of the X-47Bs would be heading through rural Arizona on a truck, that is, unless the Navy is trying to send them to the boneyard very quietly. Additionally, the shape in the picture is not definitively that of the X-47B. It is possible that this is a radar cross-section test model related to the X-47 program or an entirely separate program altogether. Even one related to Northrop Grumman’s B-21 or its failed competitor is entirely possible. It could also be a the fuselage of an actual aircraft.

Tyler's original article, which also contains a number of great images of similar UFO-like craft, can be read here.

As far as the original video we have provided commentary on, the massive box that was being hauled through California obviously wasn't a UFO... so then what else could it have been? The massive boxlike container no doubt managed to conjure images of something right out of films like Super 8 and similar science fiction offerings.

Other ideas were floated along the lines of:

  1. a massive deposit of nuclear waste being transported to an unknown location
  2. an experimental explosive device, which must be slowly transported for safety reasons
  3. an alien life form, or possibly the remains of one, also being transported to an unknown location
  4. a massive egg, which after being uncovered in an abandoned mine shaft, may eventually hatch into a giant kaiju and wreak havoc on civilization.

Okay, so some of those were meant to be tongue-in-cheek (sad that I have to say that, but if I hadn't, you can rest assured that some blogger would have taken me literally, and then go write an article about how I believe in the existence of a real-life Godzilla). That said, perhaps a better explanation was offered by fellow YouTubers who came upon the video, suggesting instead that the mystery box was simply an electrical substation transformer, like this one:


It would seem that the mystery of the giant alien kaiju box has a conventional explanation, after all.

But wait... some might further ask why such a the thing, if it had merely been a transformer, would have been transported in the middle of the night (especially if UFOs are moved through Arizona in broad daylight, as we've already seen)?

The natural conclusion many would draw is that those things carried out by cover of darkness must be intended not to be seen. However, an equally (if not more) likely explanation would be that the transport operation, requiring a police escort as seen in the video, would likely hold up traffic on smaller roadways (as also seen in the video, even at the early hour in question). Obviously, this seems to be a likely problem, no matter what time you choose to move a load this large.

With all this in mind, perhaps the biggest question then is this: why spend so much time unraveling a video that, in the end, shows nothing extraordinary? 

I think it's important, from time to time, to outline the logical fallacies that can be applied to a scenario like this one. The best example of this is probably the insinuation that, since the "mystery object" was being transported at night, that whatever it was should therefore be taken as being something that is being kept secret. Alternatively, as we have examined, the likely reason for this was to avoid a traffic jam, and as we can see from similar cases reported this year, objects that actually do resemble flying saucers are transported in broad daylight, rather than by cover of night.

It's fun to speculate about the kinds of secret aircraft and other projects our military agencies are developing, which no doubt would account for at least a healthy smattering of modern UFO reports. However, it seems very unlikely that any such craft or other technologies are going to turn up on the back of flatbed trucks moving through residential areas.

Or at least, that's what "they" want us to think. ;)

Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, podcaster, and researcher whose interests cover a variety of subjects. His areas of focus include history, science, philosophy, current events, cultural studies, technology, unexplained phenomena, and ways the future of humankind may be influenced by science and innovation in the coming decades. In addition to writing, Micah hosts the Middle Theory and Gralien Report podcasts.

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