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UFO-Shaped Rock Discovered on Mountain in China

This giant UFO-shaped rock followed me home. Can I keep it?

That’s not far from what happened in a mountain village in the Hubei Province in central China. A motorist claims he saw a strange stone sticking out of the ground, so he stopped to check it out. Looking at the odd holes and pillars, he decided he wanted whatever it was and bought it from the farmer who owned the land. Realizing it was too big to dig out with his hand shovel and too big to fit in his vehicle, he says he came back every day for a week to excavate it, then obtained a crane to lift it out of the ground and haul it home.


That’s Xia Changjun’s story this week in Chinese media and he’s sticking to it. What did he find? An ancient spacecraft? A stone statue of an ancient spacecraft? Some sort of altar? Something else?

Whatever it is, Xia has already turned down an offer of $14,000 to buy it – probably disappointing his disgusted wife who’s most likely tired of looking at it in the backyard and wants to know what he’s going to do with this giant thing measuring 2.8 meters long (9 ft.), 2 meters wide (6.6 ft.), 1.6 meters high (5.2 ft.) and weighing a crane-straining six tons.


“Thing” is a proper description so far since it hasn’t been identified. The three layers consist of two ovals separated by what look like pillars, additional pillars or legs for support underneath and small group of pillars or columns on top. While the “thing” consists of familiar shapes, Wang Qingxiang, an expert on the culture and history of the Hubei and Hunan provinces, examined it and – while identifying the composition as basalt – could not determine if it was natural, man-made or … alien?

This piece of stone, nature is the gods, or an ancient masterpiece? (Google translation)


Stones shaped like flying saucers have been found before in Russia,  Siberia and other locations and are often identified as concretions – masses of minerals deposited by water that form disc shapes inside other rocks. However, this one looks more like a part of a giant mechanism rather than an actual ship or stone model of a saucer-shaped one. In addition, the pillars and spacing seem too regular to be formed by nature. If it was carved by humans, Wang speculated it was an altar.

Top pillars could have been for seating

Top pillars could have been for seating

Xia Changjun may know more, but he’s not saying. Besides turning down a sizable offer, he’s kept his UFO-like stone hidden since he found it in April and didn’t say much more to the media other than …

This is precious.

That’s not something one might say about a mysterious stone structure if he’s just planning to turn it into a barbecue pit.

What do you think he found?


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