Jan 24, 2017 I Alex Dunbar

Frozen Sasquatch Foot Revealed in Video

Sasquatch popular culture has always featured a healthy dose of colorful showmen. In 1968, Frank Hansen toured “The Minnesota Iceman” – a supposed Siberian Bigfoot frozen in an iceblock – across the United States. One year later, a man named Ivan Marx tried to peddle footage of “The Cripplefoot”, a severely cone-headed Bigfoot that was reportedly hit by a train, gravely injured, and tracked into the mountains. And in 2012, infamous Bigfoot hoaxer Rick Dyer took his own cryptid cadaver on a tour of the country in a trailer marked “See the Only Dead Bigfoot!”. Now, the internet-age ushers in the digital sideshow. Instead of the freak-show tent or the parking lot corner, we have Youtube channels. So, you’ve seen “The Iceman!” You’ve seen “The Cripplefoot!” Now come one come all and witness Peter Caine’s “Frozen Bigfoot Foot!!”

Sasquatch culture is firmly rooted in tourist trap showmanship. Regardless of what it evolved into, I think we all have a sense that something MIGHT be out there, whether we admit it or not. As a result, we’re naturally very excited to see if this time is “the real deal.” The 1967 “Patterson/Gimlin film” and decades-worth of compelling footprint casts just barely whet the appetite we all have for these beings. So, when someone like Rick Dyer or Peter Caine show up on the freak-show stage, or the side-of-the-road with a convincing piece of evidence, we all drool. We all relish a sense of clarity that the foggy unknown is ever so stingy to provide.

minn iceman
"The Minnesota Iceman" on display

In Peter Caine's video, he tells a story about his father and friend duck hunting in the early morning of December 23rd, 1953 when a Bigfoot appeared. He says the creature charged the men and they fired, killing it. To provide proof, the men dismembered the monster since it was far too large to carry back home. They spent hours cutting it up, put it on dry ice, and kept it frozen for decades, only bringing it out on "special occasions" like Halloween.

Caine then unwraps the item, revealing a massive “25-30 lb” gnarled, frozen, matted foot. BEHOLD!

Peter Caine reveals his frozen Bigfoot foot

Peter Caine is a fiery internet personality. His brash, no-nonsense delivery appeals to thousands of people. His Youtube Channel, which is split into several categories-- or 'artistic tentacles' I would say- fetches over 22,000 subscribers. He currently has over 100 videos about Bigfoot and Bigfoot body parts. His early dog training videos were popular enough to land him a guest spot in a segment on Comedy Central's Tosh.O in 2014.

So, as you can imagine, Caine appears to love the spotlight. He's also quite artistic. In several videos on his Youtube channel he presents morbid animatronics and sculpted figures. In a 2016 video he revealed a 1998 Ronald Reagan-inspired piece called "Ronny Did a Boom Boom", no doubt channeling the unforgettably creepy 1986 Genesis music video for "Land of Confusion." He even has an installation display of an animatronic Donald Trump dry-humping watermelon and sheep, currently featured in a Manhattan gallery.

Caine’s years of artistic creation are deeply rooted. Per the gallery's website:

"Peter Caine began making art while recovering from an injury at the US Naval Hospital in Jacksonville, FL. Not long after enrolling at the Kansas Art Institute, he moved to New York City. His work has been included in exhibitions such as Greater New York 2005 at MoMA PS1 (Caine’s installation “Overseer” was a highlight of the show), or Silicone Valley (MoMA PS1, 2007); he showed at Jack the Pelican Presents, Derek Eller Gallery, ATM Gallery and Exit Art. Reviews have appeared in The New York Times, The Brooklyn Rail, The New York Post, Art News or Art Forum."

Nice resume. Though not debunked, it's easy to see that a man of his talents would be more than capable of creating Bigfoot appendage sculptures.

Could this actually be real? Whether Caine really has a freezer full of Sasquatch bits and pieces or not, he certainly receives waves of attention for his bold, unrelenting delivery. What we likely have here is simply an internet dynamo flexing all of his artistic and performing strengths all at once: comedic storytelling, sculpture, and outlandish personality. With this gnarly foot, consider our appetites temporarily whetted. Don’t expect a DNA test. Don’t expect conclusive proof of anything. Right now, just enjoy the sideshow while we patiently wait for the real thing to emerge from the fog of our mysterious universe.

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