New Year's Eve is always a source of fright and surprise for some jumpy individuals due to the amount of fireworks and other small explosives set off by revelers. According to Connecticut news outlets, those New Year's surprise noises carried over to January 2nd for some Connecticuters (Connecticutians? Connecticutensians?). Residents of Southington, Connecticut and its surrounding towns were subjected to a terrible shock on the second day of 2017 when a loud explosion noise was heard throughout the region. To add to the shock the unexplained boom gave residents, a significant ground tremor was felt shortly after the noise was heard.

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In the aftermath of the noise, local news crews took to the streets to film...parked cars.

The as yet unidentified boom is made more mysterious by the fact that no smoke, property damage, or debris was seen anywhere in the region. Energy companies have likewise reported no disturbances such as blown transformers. Despite numerous calls and a subsequent investigation, Southington police have offered no official explanation at this time.

The curious cacophony was heard throughout two Connecticut counties.

Connecticut newspaper The Bristol Press quoted local resident Betty Pisiakowski, who told a local television news outlet that the noise and tremor terrified both her and her dog:

It kind of went right through you, it was that loud, and the whole house shook. It literally just shook. I just heard a massive boom and the whole house shook. My dog was freaking out.

Poor dog. Similar noises have been heard around the world for decades, with explanations ranging from the Biblical to the scientific - and of course to the conspiratorial.

On Christmas Day last year, strange, otherworldly noises were heard emanating from the skies over Sweden which were claimed to be a result of auroras interacting with the electromagnetic fields generated by power lines. Just a week earlier, residents of the city of Spokane, Washington were kept awake by bizarre “trumpeting” sounds which were later explained away as a sound resulting from road graders scraping ice from shopping mall parking lots. While these explanations seemed to satisfy some, definitive causes still remain a mystery.

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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