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Real Police Encounters with the Supernatural

The job of police officer is a noble profession to be sure. They are here to serve and protect, to deal with the dangers that lurk in the shadows and beyond the corner, and to keep us safe from the often violent world we live in. Yet do these officers of the law sometimes have to deal with dangers not only from our own world, but also those from beyond the veil of our reality? Do they sometimes have brushes with the unexplained and the paranormal? Apparently yes they do. Police officers surely must see some strange things on their patrols, but nothing quite as strange as some of the reports that have come in over the years of cops who have apparently had encounters with something they cannot explain, and possibly direct contact with entities beyond the barrier that separates the world of the living with the world of the dead. Here we will look at some reports of high strangeness that have allegedly been made by various individuals within the law enforcement community, and which show us that this profession can be far weirder and more frightening than one might guess.

There is actually a surprisingly vast number of paranormal encounters reported by law enforcement, so many that it is hard to even know where to begin. One official police report contains a very strange story indeed. In one case an unidentified officer was called to a residence on a call referred to as a “5150,” which is assigned to a psychiatric problem of some kind. When the officer arrived, an elderly woman who turned out to be the homeowner greeted him to tell him that her son had taken drugs and was convinced that when he entered his room he could see an old man in a WWII uniform hanging on a noose from the ceiling. When the officer spoke to the son directly, the strung-out man claimed that he had been told not to enter the room by the spirit dwelling within because it was the angry spirit’s father who was supposedly hanging from the ceiling.


The officer entered the room and found no body hanging from the ceiling by a noose as claimed, and it was at that time that a veteran officer purportedly arrived on the scene, who told the other officer that he had been called to that very same residence years before to investigate a case of an older man who had hung himself there in that exact same bedroom. Apparently the victim had been a WWII veteran and had fully decked himself out in his old uniform before ending his own life on the noose. It was certainly unsettling for the younger officer, who had had no knowledge at all of such a depressing past case, and began to wonder if there was something strange at work on the premises, perhaps something not of this world.

Just as spooky is a report from a police officer from rural Nebraska in the 1990s. The officer claimed that he was patrolling an area of derelict, abandoned buildings where copper thieves were known to be at work in the middle of winter, with snow blanketing the scene everywhere. One house in particular was known for suspicious activity, and the officer passed by the house at 7PM to discover nothing unusual. However, when he passed by again he noticed that the back door was open, even though it had not been open before and there were additionally no footprints in the film of snow on the ground. Sensing that something weird was going on, the officer then allegedly called for backup and went in to investigate.


When the officer arrived at the door, it was obvious that there were not only absolutely no footprints in the snow, but none in the copious amount of dust strewn on the floor of the decrepit, abandoned house either. Indeed it looked for all appearances to have not been touched in years. Thinking that the wind must have merely blown the door open, the officer then reported hearing a loud bang coming from upstairs, followed by the eerie sound of children laughing and a ruckus of various bumps, scrapes, and thuds. The officer at this point was convinced that there were some kids up there goofing around and he ordered them to come out. When there was no response the policeman made his way through piles of broken furniture and strewn-about debris towards the stairs, all the while calling out to the trespassers without effect, which made him begin to think it was maybe just an animal rummaging about despite the fact that he was quite sure he had heard the distinct sound of laughter. When the officer reached the second floor he claims that all of the thuds, bangs and laughter abruptly went silent. What happened next was decidedly odd, as the officer himself says:

As I get to the top of the stairs, I hear a thump in the bedroom to the left. I carefully peek around the door and it’s an empty room with a small pile of plaster and wood debris in the middle. No kidding, sitting on top of the pile of debris was a page torn out of a child’s book with a picture of a police officer on it. The hair stood up on the back of my neck, I got out of that room, quickly cleared the other rooms upstairs and got the fuck out of there. Told dispatch nobody was in the house, locked the back door and never went back in there again.

Creepy cases like this are numerous. Another officer was called to a residence out in a remote, rural area in Wyoming at 11PM on a suspicious activity call. Upon arrival the officer and his partner were told that there was some frantic screaming coming from a nearby creek, which they heard for themselves several moments later. The unearthly screams sounded like they were coming from a woman who was in severe distress and terror, and the police officers promptly went to investigate. As they drew closer, the screams apparently got even more desperate and laden with sheer, unadulterated horror, growing louder and louder, to the point that it seemed for sure that some sort of brutal crime was taking place. When the officers approached the location from where the screams were thought to have uttered forth, they found absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, even after they did a complete search of the vicinity and cried out to whoever had been responsible or the target of the barbarity.


The baffled officers then started heading back to the house, and it was then that another scream pierced out from behind them, even closer than before. Another sweeping search turned up nothing at all, just utter silence. The policemen then apparently searched around yet again with their flashlights and heard another, extremely loud scream that lasted for around 30 seconds, but with no sign of anyone after several intensive searches the officers were forced to head back to the home and tell the family that they should call if they hear the same thing again, before leaving. Oddly, the night had been inexplicably silent other than the screams, which ceased as abruptly as they had started. One of the officers at the scene would say of the bizarre incident:

I still don’t know what it was, as an avid outdoorsman, I KNOW no animal makes a cry like that, especially one that can move stealthily without being spotted by flashlights. Something else that weirded me out was that it was completely silent while the screams were happening. During summer in Wyoming, there is always some type of ambient animal sounds, frogs croaking, crickets chirping, owls hooting, coyotes howling, etc, but there was nothing. Until we were leaving and the screams had stopped. Then a frog started croaking. It gives me the creeps just thinking about it still.

Another sinister tale comes from a former cop on a military base, who was tasked with working the night shift, because in an article like this of course he was. On this base, as on most, nearly every building was rigged with alarms, which were constantly monitored. If an alarm went off, the cops would go and snoop around to see who or what had set it off, requesting entry into the building if they thought it was warranted. The witness in this particular case claims that he was on patrol one night when there was an alarm tripped at the base’s elementary school. The patrol dutifully went there, searched the entire perimeter, and found the building to be totally secure; a false alarm. They continued on, and around 20 minutes later the alarm was sounded at the very same location they had just checked not long before. Now things were getting interesting.


The patrol arrived at the building once again to find the door to the boiler room in the basement open, which it had definitely not been before. Thinking that there was perhaps an intruder they checked it and found no one there. They left and got yet another alarm from the same location around 15 minutes after that. The frustrated patrol headed back and allegedly still found the premises to be secure, so they decided this time to stake it out to see if there was some prankster coming in to set off the alarm by pulling on the doors. The two officers sat there and waited to see what would happen, and for awhile nothing did, but then the alarm inexplicably went off again as they were sitting there. At this point they radioed in for the building custodian to actually let them inside the building, after which they systematically searched every classroom, room, and hall in the building. They saw nothing unusual until they noticed a maintenance door open with the lights on in the tiny room beyond. What happened next can best be described by the witness himself:

We walk down there and look in, no one's in it and that door is locked when it closes. We look in there and we find a single footprint of a bare foot made of water (Left foot as a recall) of a small child. Freaked the living hell out of us because no one reported a missing child and the entire building was clear and still locked up. No one left, no one entered and we checked every inch of that damn place (literally a 3 hour deep sweep including ceiling tiles.) Freaked the ever loving shit out of us and to this day, my partner refuses to go into that school. Speaking of which, schools are really fucking spooky when they’re empty.

Speaking of alarms and spooky locations at night, another officer described how he and his partner went to an office building in the middle of the night to check out a call that an alarm had gone off there. The refurbished building apparently mostly housed doctor’s offices and a pharmacy, and the alarm had been set off in one of the empty upstairs offices. The hey holder of the building was called in to let the officers in to search the building, but he oddly didn’t have the key that opened the locked door behind which the stairs going up lied so they took the elevator instead. When they got to the floor where the alarm had gone off they purportedly found a darkened hallway leading off into the murk that was dissipated only by a single overhead light flickering at the end of the hall.


Although the scene was certainly unnerving, the two officers went about checking all the doors and found them all to be locked, all except for one, which opened to lead to an unused office which upon examination held no surprises. All of the empty reception, waiting room, and every single exam room were checked without incident. However, when they left the office it is reported that the overhead light that had been lit before was now dark, and instead another light at the other end of the hall by the elevators was now on. Even creepier still was the fact that all of the doors that they had just checked and secured were standing wide open. The increasingly unsettled police officers then went about checking every one of the rooms only to find them completely empty, and when they reached the last one they claim that their radios began roaring with static as one of the doors slammed shut.

Deciding that enough was enough, the two headed downstairs to speak with the key holder, only to find that he was nowhere to be seen. They radioed in to see what in the world was going on and get the number of the key holder to update him on the situation, and were then told by dispatch that the key holder was still on his way and wouldn’t be there for another 5 or 10 minutes. When the officers told dispatch that they had just been with him, the reply was that that was impossible, as the alarm company had only just managed to contact one, who was still on his way. Sure enough, a short time later a female key holder arrived, and when asked about who the man they had met was and described him, she gave the chilling response that he sounded a lot like one of the doctors who had used to work there and who had committed suicide years before by jumping from one of the windows.

Some other strange intruders are just as spooky. One police officer made the report that he had received a call from an elderly lady who insisted that there was a young girl running around out in her yard at night, perhaps up to no good. When the officer arrived the weather had taken a turn for the worse, and it had started raining heavily, with thunder echoing out over the horizon. Nevertheless, he made his way to the yard and shone his flashlight out there into the rainy black, announcing that he was the police and that the intruder had better come out. There was no response. When he came back in, the visibly shaken elderly lady greeted him with a panicked: “She’s inside the house.” Soon after, the cop saw a girl of about 13 years of age run from one side of the house to the other, and he told her to freeze, yet when he approached her he claims that she simply disappeared into thin air.


Writing it all off as a mere trick of shadow and light, the officer continued to tell the girl to stay where she was, but the elderly woman then shouted out that the girl was now in the yard again. The baffled police officer was stumped as to how the girl could have possibly gone by him undetected to get back outside again, but looking outside he saw that she was indeed standing there in the rain. When he went out to finally apprehend the mischief maker, he claimed that she was once again nowhere to be seen, and a thorough check of every inch of the yard turned up nothing. With no perpetrator in sight, he told the old lady to calm down and to call if the strange girl happened to appear again. A few months later, the officer found out that the old lady had died and that new people had moved in, after which calls began to come in from the new tenants claiming that a young girl around 13 years old was running around their backyard or even in their house.

In some cases, rather than just generally spooking everyone, ghosts seem to be trying to help law enforcement. In the early 1980s, some officers from the Oklahoma City Police Department apparently were called to a residence whose occupants had complained of weird paranormal activity. When the officers arrived, the homeowners were reportedly all out on the front lawn as loud bangs and the sounds of shattering glass emanated from within the home. They claimed that the activity had started from nowhere and that it was all being done by an unseen presence. Thinking that there was a violent intruder inside, a K9 police dog was unleashed to go scout it out, but it would purportedly refuse to go anywhere near the entrance, instead circling, growling, and whining outside. When the ruckus from inside the house died down, some officers ventured within to check things out and found that although the interior had been totally wrecked by someone, no one was in fact there. A complete search of the house and the area turned up not a single clue that anyone other than the family themselves had ever been there.

Another creepy tale involves an Oregon State Trooper who was dispatched to answer a call concerning a man with a gun to a woman’s head. When the officer and his partner arrived, a woman was cowering and crying, groaning over and over again: “He shot me, he shot me.” Considering the woman had no apparent, visible injuries, the officers informed her that she had actually not been shot and that she was OK. The mysterious woman gave her name but refused a ride in the patrol car and wished to reman where she was, so they had no choice but to leave her there. Back at the station, one of the officers looked up the woman’s name and learned that someone with the very same name had been shot and killed by her husband years earlier, and that the suspect had never been apprehended.


It was all odd enough as it is, but things would get even weirder and more ominous two years later. The same officer from that original call was out on patrol when he apparently got yet another call of a man with a gun to a woman’s head, spookily at the same location he had been once before. When he arrived he found the same woman standing there, and she allegedly pointed to the home and said, “There. He’s in there.” When the officer entered he apparently found a man on the ground with his hands up. The man was brought in, and when his name was run through the databases it turned out to be the same name of the very husband who was wanted for the murder of the woman whose name had turned up two years before. The spooked police officer would say of the case:

Was it just luck that we should be there when he was there? Or was it a ghost wanting justice for her murder? To this day it still creeps me out to think about it. I hope she’s finally at peace.

This would not be the only case of an apparent ghost helping police out. Another officer reported pulling over a man for speeding. As the policeman was getting out of the car he reported that he heard the passenger door of his vehicle close, and turned to realize there was a female police officer calmly sitting there in the car. Since he had not called for backup and there were no other patrol cars around, the whole thing was immediately strange, and the officer returned to his vehicle to see who this stranger was. He claims that when he approached the policewoman, she told him “He has a gun by the seat,” before vanishing into thin air right before his eyes. The cop warily approached the car he had pulled over with extra caution and arrested the man, after which he discovered that there was indeed a gun by the seat, just as the ghostly woman had warned. Spookier still, the man was found to be wanted for the murder of a policewoman 20 years earlier.


A similarly helpful ghost apparently called out to police who were on the scene of a car that had crashed upside down into a river after careening into a cement barrier in 2015. The vehicle had carried 25-year-old Jennifer Groesbeck and her 18-month-old daughter. The crash had been reported by a fisherman an estimated full 14 hours after it had occurred, and authorities were not expecting that they would find anyone alive at the scene when they finally arrived. When officers saw an arm waving about in the water through the window of the mostly submerged car, they nevertheless went through effort to see if anyone had perhaps lived, and it was at that point that all present could clearly hear a woman’s voice calling out for help. The startled officers rushed to save the woman who they thought had survived, only to find her very dead, waterlogged body lodged within the vehicle.

Although the mother was obviously dead, they noticed that the baby was still alive, managing to escape a watery grave by being suspended from the ceiling in an air pocket out of the cold water. Although the baby was unconscious the police were able to speedily get her to a hospital where she was able to make a complete recovery. Officers who were present were baffled by the clear woman's voice they had heard, and credited it with helping them get to the baby in time to save her life.

In another case, a police officer was chasing a DUI suspect when he saw the suspect’s car lose its rear bumper. The dislodged bumper then allegedly rolled across the road and threatened to cause the officer to crash before it suddenly was gone and could not be found at the scene later. When the officer later reviewed his dash-cam footage in an effort to find out where this potential piece of evidence had gone, a black figure could allegedly be seen to dart out from the side of the road to remove it from the road before darting back off into the darkness on the other side. Whoever it had been had very probably saved the officer’s life, as at the time he had been racing along at around 80 miles per hour and been about to swerve to avoid the careening bumper, yet there had been no one at all in the area when the officer had passed through and he had not seen such a figure at the time of the actual incident. Additionally the figure in the video is vague and not wearing any sort of reflective clothing or any discernible clothing at all for that matter. It seems to be like a mere shadow. Trick of light or ghostly intervention?


Some of this ghostly assistance apparently comes from phone calls. One police dispatcher claimed that he received a call from a landline that had turned out to be nothing but a static drone on the other end, and the same creepy call came in two more times after that before he finally called in a patrol car to go check out the location. According to the story, the cops arrived at the secluded, rural residence to find a dead body that had apparently had been there festering and rotting away for around 5 months. The remote house was oddly found to have no working utilities or electricity of any kind, and the phone was out of commission, so there was no way a call could have been made to dispatch from there, but if it hadn’t the body may have likely never been discovered.

There are numerous other reports of the weird and the paranormal from law enforcement officers floating around out there, and here we have just only looked at a selection of some of the creepiest. What in the world is going on with these cases? Is there any truth to this or are these police officers just as prone to being spooked and telling tall tales as anybody else? Regardless of whether any of these cases ever really happened or not, they are certainly creepy nevertheless, and if true show that in addition to protecting citizens from thieves, killers, and the dregs of our own reality they may sometimes have to deal with forces from beyond it as well.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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