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Claims of Demonic Possession From Ouija App in Colombia

This is the kind of thing that happens when the study hall monitor has to go to the bathroom and there’s no responsible adult to watch the door and stop demons from entering the classroom and possessing the students. A school in Colombia had to call in medical, religious and government officials as well as the police when a group of students allegedly became hysterical and possibly possessed after one played with a Ouija board app on a cell phone. What ever happened to studying in study hall?

The incident occurred in Lloró, a small town of around 2,600 residents in the Chocó Department of Colombia. Until the Ouija board incident, Lloró’s main claim to fame is that it’s extremely wet – it holds either first or second place on the world record list of places having the highest average annual precipitation with 12.7 meters (41.75 feet). Does all of that rain drive students to stop believing weather forecasters and instead ask a Ouija app for a prediction for spring break?


According to media reports, officials at the Agroecological College Strato de Lloró took the alleged possession seriously. It apparently occurred on February 16th when an 11th grade boy began playing with a Ouija app. Soon, others were fainting and at least 24 students in their teens were eventually affected, with many of them seemingly having seizures and screaming about the devil.

Since the devil is not the school mascot, this was a cause for concern. The video shows student being carried out writhing and screaming. Reports indicate they were taken to first to a medical center and then, when whatever it was they tried there didn’t help, many were taken to a church. Being such a small town, Francis Salamanca Martine, the mayor of Lloro, was involved quickly.

They are fainting, shouting that devil was going to take them with him.

So was the Juan Carlos Baretto, the local bishop, with a warning to anyone thinking they may want to download the Ouija app or go old school and get a Ouija board.

It is known in a lot of Colombia and other parts of the world that these games such as the ouija board have consequences for normal life.

church 570x310
Victims were taken to a church

Was this a case of mass hysteria or were the Ouija app users possessed? While the video shows signs of panic and agitation, there didn’t seem to be any teens speaking in strange languages, exhibiting personality changes, levitating or any other signs of demonic possession. The fact that so many of them began acting strangely from just being near one using the app suggests a mob mentality rather than mass possession.

Then again … the local authorities and medics didn’t seem to have any luck calming the kids down. There’s no word whether the priests at the church were successful either. Reports of Ouija app possession seem to be on the increase.

A famous painting by Manuel María Paz shows two men standing at a liquor stand in Lloró, probably drinking an alcoholic beverage made from sugar cane. Perhaps the old ways of dealing with the rainy weather are still the best - at least for adults over 21.

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