Feb 06, 2017 I Alex Dunbar

New Evidence Emerges in North Dakota Bigfoot Encounter

Christmas this year brought an unlikely visitor to Dickey County, North Dakota. That night, a "hairy monster" some believe to be an actual Sasquatch leered at an Ellendale Woman through her kitchen window. Shocked, she called a family friend, Christopher Bauer to investigate. Bauer, an experienced woodsman, tracked this individual for seven miles through the snowy landscape; confident he was hot on the trail of Bigfoot. But now new details have emerged to disprove the idea of this monstrous, Christmas creep.

Interviewed on-location by the WDAY Fargo new station, Christopher Bauer walked the reporter through his discovery. That night he found 18” long, 8” wide footprints around the woman's home. These deep impressions were spaced 4 ft. apart... for 7 miles. He tracked hundreds of these prints all through the Ellendale farmland and across the highway until they faded upon a faraway hillside.

The story rose into the echelons of the national news circuit. Unfortunately, questions remained after this amazing discovery. The world screamed Sasquatch, but not everything added up.

Now an anonymous letter and a photo of homemade Bigfoot stompers sent to WDAY sheds light on the events of that night. The author of that letter? Bauer's Bigfoot.

bauer 1
Christopher Bauer doubts the legitimacy of the Bigfoot confession letter

The author, who admits to being drunk on his midnight romp, says the prints were intended to prank friends in the area; not to hoax the world. Though not published online, WDAY provided an image capture of the letter, explaining the man's motive and technique:

I had screwed those wooden feet to an old pair of shoes. I then walked on the wheel tracks on the road to the farm knowing full well traffic would erase any sign of how I approached and left. Once at the farmstead I noticed the lights on in the house and tried to see if anyone was up but the shade was pulled. I decided I was there so I just as well finish, lights or not. I walked around the house trying to leave prints in what little snow that was there. As I was crossing in the front of the house I noticed my friends female friend walk past the window. She happened to look out the window and I froze. Busted I thought she looked directly at me it seemed then quickly turned and went back the way she came and I took off.

Bauer holds strong, believing that the letter is a hoax, and there's no way the tracks could have been faked: as they were double the stride of an average human for 7 full miles. He also subscribes to the idea that the letter is an attempt by cryptic agencies to cover up the encounter, effectively casting a long shade of doubt on the events. Important details remain unanswered, including the "monstrous face " in the window that was supposedly just the man's bare face. With a few threads left dangling, I suspect the Bigfoot tale of Ellendale has one more chapter left.

Screen capture of the practical joker's Sasquatch shoes

Story originally reported by WDAY Fargo

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