Feb 11, 2017 I Paul Seaburn

Rat-Cat Hybrid in South Africa and Cat-Roo Seen in Australia

It’s Freaky Feline Friday so let’s get right to the strange critters-that-might-be-cats news. First up is what appears to be a half-cat-half-kangaroo in Australia (where else?). Then we go to South Africa where a family needed help to deal with rat-cat hybrids in the house.

The video of the cat-a-roo was posted on Facebook by Eamon Wooster on both his own page and that of the Centre for Compassionate Conservation. It was apparently captured on his night vision camera somewhere north of Sydney (that narrows it down). Wooster asked for help identifying the creature and got plenty of unqualified guesses , but no experts weighed in, leaving it wide open for speculation.


There’s not much chance it’s a cat-kangaroo hybrid since cats are placental and kangaroos are marsupials, so breeding is an impossibility. Creatures that have been called kangaroo cats or cat/kangaroo hybrids are generally deformed cats with genetic conditions giving them long hind legs. Wooster’s creature resembles a tree kangaroo, but it would have to be an escaped zoo or wildlife preserve animal since they’re only native to New Guinea, far north Queensland and a few islands off its coast. Let’s hope Wooster keeps the camera on and catches the critter again.

tree kangaroo 570x352
A tree-kangaroo

Moving on to the alleged cat-rat hybrids in South Africa. The story comes from Lethabong, Rustenburg, North West on January 12th when a family heard strange noises coming from behind a food cupboard. Suspecting the noise was rats that had fallen from inside the ceiling into the wall, they naturally called … a minister!

According to the local media, the family called their local pastor who opened up a wall with a “grinding machine.” If you need a “grinding machine” to cut into walls, aren’t they thick enough to protect you from rats? In any event, it appears both the pastor and the family panicked when they saw that the creatures looked like half-cat-half-rat hybrids and began killing them.

Cat Rat Hybrid 570x320
The cat-rats

At some point the police were called but, by the time they arrived, four of the strange beasts were dead on the floor, others had been burned and two more were taken away to be buried. With nothing to shoot and no one to ticket, the police packed up and left.

Enter the Rustenburg Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Someone called the RSPCA during all the panicking, grinding and killing and they were not pleased when they showed up and saw the scene.

People must remain calm and call the SPCA emergency number. Killing a creature in an inhumane way could lead to prosecution. Just don’t do anything to the animal.

Carla van den Berg, inspector at the Rustenburg SPCA, thought the creatures looked like an odd breed of cat that had a rat-like face (but not a kangaroo body). The news report doesn’t say if the RSPCA took the remaining bodies for DNA analysis. The family probably patched the hole while the minister tried to figure out how he could work this story into a sermon.

The search for cat-rat and cat-a-roo hybrids continues.

Paul Seaburn

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