Feb 17, 2017 I Paul Seaburn

Spanish Politicians Want Exorcist to Rid Town Hall of Ghost

While some people wish an exorcist could rid their town hall or city council of politicians, the opposite is happening in Vegas del Genil, Spain, where unexplained cold winds are blowing through the town hall and one council member managed to take a picture of what appears to be the ghost of a small child. Now many of the town’s politicians are demanding an exorcism of the building. What budget does that come out of?

It was unusually cold in the office so I put on my coat and then got up to go to bathroom. That’s when I heard a strange rustling sound in the hallway, like someone was dragging files across the floor.

An anonymous councilor claimed he felt the mysterious cold air and heard the strange sounds while working late on February 3rd. When he peeked down the dark hallway, he was unable to see anything because his phone had no flashlight app, but he decided to take a photograph anyway. Back in his office, he looked at the picture and saw what appeared to him to be the ghost of a child.

ghost 570x491
Did the councilor really capture the photograph of a ghost?

At that point, he uploaded the photo to the rest of the members of council and locked himself in his office until another politician showed up and took him home.

Now that the ghost was out of the bag, other council members admitted they also had cold encounters in city hall.

Other comrades have felt strange phenomena and there is also concern about the inexplicable cold in the plenary hall, even though we put two heat pumps at 30 degrees. We call the technicians and say they are not broken. (Google translated)

Mayor Leandro Martín thought it was a joke … until someone leaked the story and the photo to the local press (it happens everywhere) and he had to deal with constituents demanding an exorcism and spreading fake news (that happens everywhere too) that a girl had died in the buildng three years ago when it was a school. The mayor refused to give in.

How can I justify hiring a medium when I have residents without electricity?

town 570x320
Has the ghost story turned Vegas del Genil into a ghost town?

Taking matters into his own cold hands, another councilor brought in his own local Reiki practitioner (probably charged less than an exorcist) who held a “cleansing session” in the ghostly hallway and reported “feeling a presence.”

This councilor says he believes there was a “denser entity that caused people to feel that fear,” possibly caused by the ghost in the picture. Then again, this could be just a partisan political squabble between the mayor and the politician who first reported it, who  now says he had to delete his profile on Facebook to stop messages “from geeks of ghosts and people asking for his resignation."

No matter where you are, politics and poltergeists don’t mix.

Paul Seaburn

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