Mar 14, 2017 I Brett Tingley

Brazilian President Flees Official Residence Due to ‘Ghosts’

As we are thrust headlong into the ever-terrifying future, it’s natural that many heads of state would begin to feel the presence of the realms of the dead. After all, many governmental leaders - and governments themselves - are outdated, out-of-touch vestiges of a past pre-digital era. Some of the world’s current geopolitical conflicts can be seen as the death throes of an aging ruling class frightened by the ever-quickening rate of change in the world.

"In my day the only time a proper lady Tweeted was in the W.C."

The skeletons in many country's closets are now getting a chance to come out into the light, which certainly can spook bureaucrats who don't want to come to terms with the ghosts of the past. Case in point: Brazilian President Michel Temer moved out of his country’s official presidential residence this week, telling reporters that evil spirits were afoot in the home. In an interview with Brazilian magazine Veja, Temer claims that the presence of these dark forces began to trouble him from the moment he stepped foot in the presidential mansion:

The Palace of Alvorada has a lot of rooms, about eight, all very large. Everything is ample and beautiful. But I felt something weird there. I wasn’t able to sleep since the first night. The energy was not good. Marcela felt the same thing. Only [(Michel’s son)] Michelzinho, who kept running back and forth, liked it. We started to think: is there a ghost? (laughs)

These “ghosts” got to the 76-year-old president and his 33-year-old wife that the pair moved out of the residence and back into the vice-president’s residence, Jaburu Palace.

Temer speaking at the "haunted" presidential mansion.

Temer took over as president last year after his predecessor Dilma Rousseff was ousted following a corruption scandal. Given the fact that Temer has been accused of corruption before,  it’s safe to assume that he could be under investigation in light of his predecessor’s impeachment and removal; could these “ghosts” be more like “bugs?” Or could dark forces truly be afoot?

The "haunted" Alvorada Palace. Yeah, I guess it's kinda spooky if you squint real hard.

More realistically, is this merely an excuse to buy some much-needed privacy? The presidential mansion, Alvorada Palace, features an entire front wall of glass. Maybe Temer just didn’t feel comfortable. As with most politicians these days, once he opens his mouth, you never can tell just where the truth really lies.

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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