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Bust of Russia’s Last Czar Reported to Shed Tears

It seems the geopolitical turmoil surrounding Russia and the Crimean peninsula may be spilling over into the spirit world. Ownership of Crimea has changed hands several times throughout the last few centuries as various Russian and Ukrainian regimes have risen and fallen. Following the 2014 Ukrainian Revolution, Russian military forces seized control of Crimea and forced a referendum which, unsurprisingly, gave control of the peninsula back to Mother Russia. The west has viewed the move as a forced annexation and relations between Russia and NATO countries have been tense ever since.

The 2014 Ukrainian Revolution was an attempt to steer the country towards greater European integration rather than Russian control.

The situation surrounding Crimea has apparently even gotten to be too much even for the ghost of Russia’s last czar, Nicholas II. According to Fox News, “Russian news reports” are reporting that a bust of the late czar has begun weeping tears. The bust sits outside the office of the Crimean prosector's office, a scene of a tense political stand-off during the aftermath of the Ukrainian Revolution. Russian news reports claim that curious spectators have begun flocking to the bust to witness the phenomenon themselves and be healed. Nicholas II and his family were canonized as martyrs in 1981 and Nicholas is considered a saint by the Russian Orthodox Church.

statuefeature e1488817293597
The statue resides near the site of a deadly clash between Ukrainian and Russian forces in 2014.

According to ABC News, former Crimean prosecutor and pro-Russia politician Natalia Poklonskaya believes the tears are a clear sign that the spirit of Nicholas II is reaching out to modern-day believers:

[This is] a miracle that neither scientists or anyone can explain. The sovereign is helping us.

Given current events related to Russia and tensions with the West, we’ll likely all need that help very soon.

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Nicholas II and his family had extensive blood ties to royalty throughout Europe.

Mystery still surrounds Nicholas II and his family. The last czar welcomed the legendary (and reportedly unkillable) mystic Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin into his family as personal healer and prophet. This relationship helped Nicholas to lose the trust of the Russian people and foment the conditions that caused the Russian Revolution. Nicholas and his family were assassinated on July 17, 1918 by what would become the Russian Communists.

Brett Tingley

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