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Chilean National Police Spooked by Seemingly Haunted House

I tend to stay away from covering haunted house stories because they usually only come in one of two forms: clearly doctored “home videos,” or unsubstantiated eyewitness testimony. This story, however, contains official reports from an entire squad of Carabineros, Chile’s official national police force. According to Chilean news outlet Cooperativa, the Carabineros were called to a home in the southern Chilean town of Puerto Montt on Sunday, February 26 when the home’s residents reported witnessing strange paranormal phenomena. The family claims several small fires were seen to spontaneously ignite, and objects were thrown about by what sounds like a poltergeist.

Burnt objects and debris littered the area outside the home the morning after police were called.

Video taken the night of the incident shows...well, a lot of panicked voices, yelling, and the sounds of glass breaking:

Police arrived around 2:00 a.m. to find the house in disarray with several broken windows and various household items strewn about the residence. Carabinero Sgt. Boris Olavarria claimed that he immediately felt the presence of dark forces immediately after arriving at the home:

At first, it was strange, but once inside, I was questioning one of the owners when a trowel fell down from the attic. I called upon the devil, telling him to get out of there and when I was leaving I felt a knife that grazed my back. Since I was wearing a bulletproof vest, I was able to avoid injury.

The Carabineros were sufficiently spooked to high-tail it out of the house and relocate the family to a nearby shelter. A local reporter also reported feeling a dark presence when visiting the home, complete with strange, unexplained anxiety and numbness in her limbs.

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Police were unable to offer any other official explanation.

Several groups have visited the house in an attempt to exorcise whatever evil spirits might be causing the haunting. As is the case with most of these stories, concrete evidence is scant, and the video of the event which went viral shows little but a clearly excited group of people and a lot of camera shaking. Is this alleged poltergeist merely some lame publicity stunt, or could it be a real-life haunting? Who knows. I’m going with a case of the good ol’ folie à deux.

The house remains least by humans.

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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