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Huge Mystery Beast Roaming Scottish Highlands Eating Sheep

It has a very powerful bite. It crunches right through the bones and kills the animal very easily. It’s a very interesting phenomenon.

Yikes. While some might find the discovery of consumed animal carcasses interesting, several sheepherders in the Scottish Highlands are terrified and baffled by whatever might be eating their sheep. According to The Independent, some type of massive, bloodthirsty feline is roaming the Scottish countryside picking off helpless sheep and eating them nearly whole. Local farmer Susan Mackay is the most recent victim of the beast after she recently discovered a 50-kilogram (100-pound) ewe perfectly skinned and eaten whole not 100 yards from her farmhouse and has no explanation as to what might have killed the animal. 

McKay poses strangely happily beside her very deceased sheep.

Local resident Jim Johnston has taken an interest in the killings and has been documenting them for the last three decades. He believes these recent sheep kills follow the same pattern that has been previously observed in the area:

The same pattern is happening. Whatever animal is doing it, it manages to peel the skin off, probably because it doesn’t like the wool, and it skins the sheep in a most expert way - removing the skin along with the wool. The first time I was convinced it was a cat but this time I am less certain. The killings are very reminiscent of those a few years ago.

One popular theory speculates that the sheep are being killed by the descendants of large carnivorous cats which were released from zoos or private owners in London after they were made illegal by the Dangerous Wild Animals Act of 1976. Whatever is eating these sheep, the killings have become so common that the alleged perpetrator even has a name: the “Skerray Beast.”

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The Beast strikes again.

While Nessie and other sea monsters might dominate the Scottish cryptid scene, the mystery surrounding the Skerray Beast is not to be underestimated. Reports of similar large carnivorous cats have been reported in British moors for decades without little concrete evidence. Some reports allege that the creature, whatever it is, is capable of skinning animals cleanly and evenly with human-like levels of precision.

Many farmers believe the Skerray Beast could be a large feral feline. Whatever it is, the Beast clearly has a taste for sheep flesh.

From several farmers' and hunters' descriptions of the Beast, the creature is incredibly fast and the size of a large dog. Despite numerous sightings of the Beast and dozens of sheep kills, a definitive explanation for sightings of the Skerray Beast has yet to be found.

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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