Apr 06, 2017 I Paul Seaburn

Alien Contactee Delivers Messages as ET Channeler

They believe that the earth is dying and that we have to go somewhere.

A former nurse now claims her life is dedicated to serving grey aliens – a “peaceful alien species” – by channeling their messages through her body, as well being a spokesperson for other “alien races” including the Draconians, Reptilians and Annunaki. The messages she has received include warnings about the future and information about world leaders.

In an interview with news.com.au, 37-year-old Kerrie-Ann Thornton recounts that her first “terrifying” contact occurred in 2009 when an alien appeared in the back seat of her car while driving in Sydney.

From then on it kept happening. It made my life hell until I actually learned to communicate with them and then it settled down. And eight years later here we are.

Where “we are” is working as a psychic medium whose specialty is channeling aliens that she sees through her “third eye and physical eyes.” Thornton describes grey aliens as 7-foot-tall beings with the usual “large heads, black eyes, small nose and mouth, skinny necks, long slender bodies and very muscular.” That “very muscular” part is not a description normally associated with greys and that may be what attracted Thornton to them to the point of having sex on a “space bus.” She claims she miscarried alien hybrids in two pregnancies.

grey1 570x547
Depiction of grey alien possibly flexing muscles

Thornton says these aliens selected her for communications with Earth humans because of her “rare DNA” which her mother confirms  but neither gives any evidence of it. The interview took place at a motel where, although she claims she’s been communicating with aliens telepathically and in person for almost ten years, she will attempt to allow greys to possess her body and speak directly through her … for a $20 fee paid by 12 people in the room.

Before beginning what she claimed the aliens refer to as “The Awakening,” she informs the crowd that they’re outnumbered by the 30 invisible aliens in the room with them. The attendees were cautioned to avoid asking the alien-possessed Thornton any “security sensitive” questions to protect the rest of the human race.

channel 570x321
Kerri-Ann Thornton preparing for "The Awakening"

She knows what you and they are thinking.

If you want to call me crazy, or I’m just making things up, or an attention seeker, go right ahead. It’s not my business. “My job and my business is to deliver messages for the ET’s ... it’s up to you what you do with those messages.

While waiting for “The Awakening,” Thornton answered questions on her own based on her past communications with the aliens. She said that Queen Elizabeth, Donald Trump and Australian politician Pauline Hanson are not aliens, but Kate Middleton is “a draconian hybrid.”

kate middleton portrait gala d 570x342
Now THAT is shape-shifting

After waiting three-and-a-half hours, Thornton answered the question that was now on everyone’s mind.

They will be showing themselves in the next couple of weeks and months. To everybody. To the world. They’re not waiting for the government to disclose their existence they’re going to do it themselves.

Oh, and no refunds.

Kerrie-Ann Thornton isn’t the first to claim she’s an alien channeler and certainly won’t be the last. We’ll continue to wait and want to believe. As always, let the buyer of tickets to seminars in cheap motels behind used car lots beware.


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