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Bigfoot Expert Says Accident Blamed on Sasquatch is Credible

Sometime in the early morning hours of March 23rd, 2017, a woman walked into a sheriff’s office in Moscow, Latah County, Idaho, to report an accident … a very strange accident. While driving on US Highway 95 near mile 367 in Latah county north of Potlatch at about 11 pm the night before, she claimed she saw a Sasquatch chasing deer along the side of the road. As she drove past, the woman looked at her rearview mirror to continue watching and ran into another deer crossing the highway. Even though her car was damaged and her neck was injured, she says she continued driving and picked up her husband at work. At that point, the concerned spouse took the wheel and drove his wife to the hospital for treatment.

Ha-ha! Did you forget this is a story about Bigfoot?

The husband told his wife to go to the police to have them check out the car and look for the Sasquatch. The sheriff’s office verified that the vehicle was damaged and found evidence of a collision with a deer both on the car and at mile post 366.9 on Highway 95. However, there was no evidence of the 7 to 8 foot tall hairy creature the woman described chasing deer. It appears she was sober. The incident was reported by the Moscow-Pullman Daily News and picked up by national media outlets.

No evidence? Case closed, right?

Not so fast. This is Idaho, a state with many Bigfoot sightings and, more importantly, the home of Dr. Jeff Meldrum, professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University and renowned Bigfoot expert. In an interview with Xtreme Idaho, he sees ample evidence that the woman’s Sasquatch sighting was legitimate.

It’s intriguing because she sounds like a very credible witness. Her first response was to report it to the sheriff and not post it on Facebook.

meldrum 570x321
Dr. Jeff Meldrum explaining Bigfoot evidence

Good point, although Meldrum didn’t actually interview the woman nor her husband. On the other hand, he’s investigated many Idaho Bigfoot sightings and has extensive knowledge on Sasquatch behavior.

The most common places to see a Bigfoot is on a highway at night or adjacent to a body of water. The whole northern panhandle is prime habitat for a sasquatch. This is also the time of year you would expect a Bigfoot to be chasing deer, when it’s malnourished at the end of winter.

The woman was on a highway, Latah is in the Idaho panhandle and it’s the end of winter. Looks like plenty of dots to connect that lead to the big dot … Bigfoot.

Wait a minute … aren’t there deer-hungry bears in Idaho too? Meldrum concedes, but points out that a bear wouldn’t run after a deer on its hind legs.

walking 570x276
Garbage perhaps, but not deer.

Another good point. Meldrum has one more. This is actually one of those bad news-good news stories. While it was bad news for a deer, the woman who hit it and her car, it was good news for some body shop owner in Idaho and for Bigfoot enthusiasts and experts like Meldrum himself.

What’s interesting is the attention it has gotten. It isn’t obviously involving a crazy person and it doesn’t seem like a prank. I think it struck a chord because it was just so mundane, but it smacks of a credible encounter.

How do you think it smacks?

signs 570x326
Next time the woman should keep going straight.

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