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California Cylindrical UFO Sighting Could Be Mystery Plane

Earlier this month, photos of an unknown and strange-looking aircraft surfaced on an aviation forum. The images showed an unidentified and futuristic plane being serviced at a former Air Force base which is now (officially, anyway) a commercial logistics airport - a commercial logistics airport which just so happens to host DARPA tests and military flights and whose street address is on “Phantom Way.” The missile-shaped, windowless craft was speculated to be a prototype or even a movie prop by forum users, but with no official explanation given, speculation spread that the aircraft might be some sort of new top-secret technology hiding in plain sight.

Even aviation forums couldn't positively identify the aircraft.

To possibly complicate or corroborate the mystery aircraft sighting, a recent UFO sighting in the town of Lincoln, California some 400 miles (640 km) to the north sounds an awful lot like the mysterious aircraft and might show some credence that the mystery plane was, in fact, a prototype aircraft currently being tested above California. MUFON’s Roger Marsh reported the case, which reportedly took place on 2:45 p.m. on March 16, 2017. The eyewitness reported being familiar with many types of aircraft based on time spent in or around the U.S. Air Force. According to MUFON field investigator Shelley Goodman, the eyewitness claims the aircraft was unlike anything he's seen:

He described it as something he’s never seen before.  He was in the Air Force and knows all about aircraft and how fast they move.  This flew through the sky three times faster than any aircraft.  In 5-6 seconds, it covered about 60 percent of the horizon flying from west to the northwest.  It was underneath the cloud cover, so they could see it clearly. He described it like one of those big propane tanks some people have in their backyard flying through the air. There were no emissions and no noise.

Sounds an awful lot like the mystery craft seen a few weeks ago, if you ask me. Were that craft to be seen at an angle while banking, it would certainly appear much as the eyewitness described. Of course, without any photographs, we'll never know and this is all ultimately conjecture.

aircraft2 1
Cylindrical UFOs are commonly reported, likely due to the fact that aircraft wings can often be invisible to observers or cameras on the ground due to perspective.

The testing theory does fit with certain trends lately, though, as more and more venture capitalists are venturing into bold new aerospace projects; could secret testing of new corporate technologies be the cause of many recent reports of strange aircraft, particularly in California? It’s possible. Of course, the rise in UFO and mystery plane sightings also happens to coincide with the advent of commercial drone aircraft, so there are likely other plausible explanations for most of these sightings.

Brett Tingley

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