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Canadian UFO Research Group Reports 1,131 Sightings in 2016

According to some analyses, UFO sightings seem to be at an all-time high. That doesn’t necessarily mean that more UFOs are in the skies; rather, it’s more likely that more sightings are simply being recorded and reported thanks to modern technology. Given that we all carry cameras on our persons 24/7 and that remote control aerial vehicles are now commercially available, it’s natural that documented sightings would be on the rise.

Not to mention the ubiquity of UFO hoax apps.

To confirm that analysis, a separately published study of UFO activity across Canada has found that UFO activity in Canada has been steadily increasing over the last decade. According to the report, there were 1,131 reported Canadian UFO sightings documented in 2016. The report was published by Ufology Research, a UFO watchdog and research group based in Winnipeg. The group has been conducting surveys of Canadian UFO sightings for nearly thirty years and has collected 18,038 sighting reports to date.

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The vast majority of the reports remained unconfirmed. Big surprise.

According to the Ufology Research report, most of the sightings in 2016 were simple points or balls of light, while the classic flying saucer shape was reported 48 times, accounting for 5% of total sightings:

Most UFOs were simple lights in the sky, known as Nocturnal Lights (54.9 per cent), and Close Encounters comprised less than one per cent of the total. This is borne out by the bell-shaped distribution of Strangeness in 2016, where most UFO sightings were unremarkable and simply lights or distant objects moving in the sky.

The most remarkable finding in this year’s survey is the fact that unexplained sightings dropped to a record-low 4%, while the number of explained cases hit its lowest point since 1992 at 1.5%. Due to the fun-ruining abilities of the internet, identifying the source of unknown objects in the sky is easier than ever thanks to public flight data and imaging software.

Most of the sightings were simply unknown lights in the sky.

The report goes on to list some of the “Most Interesting 2016 Unknowns,” including a case in November 2016 in which a Canadian airliner was forced to take evasive action to dodge an unknown object flying far above the maximum altitude for commercial drones and another case in which a man was visited by a tall, slender humanoid who reportedly walked through his walls. Other case descriptions can be found in thethe group’s raw data.

Brett Tingley

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