Apr 29, 2017 I Brett Tingley

‘Jesus’ Appears Over Landslide-Stricken Colombian City

Tragedy struck the Colombian city of Manizales earlier this month when an entire average month’s worth of rain fell in one night, causing a series of massive landslides which took the lives of seventeen people. As rescue workers continue to search for missing people and clean up the devastation caused by the landslides, a strange weather phenomenon has some locals believing that a divine presence is watching over their disaster-stricken city.

Dozens of people remain unaccounted for in the wake of several deadly landslides.

Nearly a week after the landslides, residents of Manizales were stunned when the clouds seem to part and a beam of white light formed into what could be called a quasi-humanoid shape (in the way that all upright rectangles kind of do).

jesus1 1 e1493307119538
Gotta be Jesus. What other rational explanation is there? Clouds and sunshine? Pssh, get real.

Crowds gathered to film the apparition and began cheering, with some people crying “Dios mio!” as the cloud seemed to take a human form. One woman posted a video of the phenomenon to Facebook which quickly went viral.



While most commenters and netizens seemed to believe the apparition was a divine presence, some reportedly claimed it might be related to rumored atmospheric weapons like NASA’s supposed Project Blue Beam. That alleged project is part of a conspiracy theory which claims NASA has been testing holographic projection technology to beam hallucinatory visions in the sky that will terrify the world’s citizens into cowering under some sort of New World Order religion/government controlled by presumably the Illuminati or one of its various derivatives. While no conclusive evidence of such a project exists, Blue Beam is often cited as a cause of strange aerial apparitions or bizarre meteorological phenomena.

jesus2 e1493307156867
Whatever meteorological phenomenon it was, it was pretty cool-looking.

Since Project Blue Beam likely remains little more than the strange fever dream of New World Order conspiracy theorists, this ‘Jesus’ sighting in Colombia is probably just another case of pareidolia or even the good ol’ Folie à deux. People generally see what they want to see, and it is perfectly natural and understandable that grief-stricken religious individuals would see their savior in a strange-shaped cloud after such a terrifying and horrible ordeal such as the deadly landslides of the past month.

Screen Shot 2017 04 27 at 10 30 47 AM
Looks more like a hammer to me. Or a mailbox? Maybe Crow T. Robot.

Besides, any deity worth his/her/its salt would know that what the people of Manizales need isn’t a neat-looking cloud, it’s food, blood, and other aid supplies. Donations can be beamed to the Colombian Red Cross via secret atmospheric hologram or through their website.

Brett Tingley

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