Apr 29, 2017 I Paul Seaburn

Ridley Scott Says Aliens Exist and Don’t Mess With Them

Google “alien” and the entry at the top of the list is not Greys or Reptilians or people from a country that’s not yours – it’s a movie. Not just any movie … the mother of all sci-fi-horror movies – Alien, starring Sigourney Weaver and directed by the father of the genre – Ridley Scott. Sir Ridley went on to direct the equally-classic Blade Runner as well as Prometheus and The Martian … and some non-sci-fi monsters like Thelma & Louise, Gladiator and Hannibal. And don’t forget the dystopian “1984” commercial for Apple. Now he’s back to what he does best – aliens! Scott is making the rounds promoting his latest directorial accomplishment and return to where it all began – Alien: Covenant.

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Sir Ridley scott

But you Ridley Scott fans already knew all of this. What you may not have known – but possibly suspected – is that Sir Ridley believes in aliens.

I believe in superior beings. I think it is certainly likely. An expert I was talking to at NASA said to me 'have you ever looked in the sky at night? You mean to tell me we are it?' That's ridiculous.

What exactly does Scott mean by ‘superior beings’?

The experts have now put a number on it having assessed what is out there. They say that there are between 100 and 200 entities that could be having a similar evolution to us right now. So when you see a big thing in the sky, run for it.

Run for it? If they have a ‘similar evolution’ to our own, why should we be afraid, Sir Ridley?

They are a lot smarter than we are. If you are stupid enough to challenge them you will be taken out in three seconds.

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NOW he tells us!

Should we be watching everyone else’s stomach … or our own? Scott doesn’t say, nor does he offer any comparisons between real aliens and the fictional (hopefully) Xenomorphs in Alien: Covenant, the second prequel to Alien that he’s directed. It continues where Prometheus, the first prequel, leaves off.

OK, so we already knew that Ridley Scott makes great Alien movies. Now we know that it’s probably because he believes in aliens and thinks they‘re out to get us. That explains Sir Ridley, but why do WE like them so much?

But the film was very successful because people are perverse.



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