Apr 28, 2017 I Paul Seaburn

Woman Claims Abduction Turned Her Into an Alien Hybrid

These three beings stood over me and we had a long communication where they told me I would learn to meditate in order to stay in touch with them, and help communication between them and us [humans].

Thus begins a story that ends with a woman being “upgraded” to an alien hybrid. How does that happen?

The latest issue of the magazine New Idea contains an interview with author and purported alien abductee Judy Carroll of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Now 64, Carroll claims she was first contacted by aliens she believes are Greys when she was a child. The positive ID came in 1983 when the telepathic communications became actual physical contact as Carroll says the extraterrestrials took her on their spaceship for the first time. From her description – “pure white, with beautiful archways and no sharp corners” – it sounds like these Greys travel in a big flying saucer. However …

I don't always remember as I'm taken during sleep, but I do have many conscious memories too.

Carroll describes the three beings that stood over her as thin-bodied, bald and with teardrop-shaped eyes and no moving jaws. Although he doesn’t corroborate that description in the interview, Carroll says her husband claims he’s seen an alien hovering over her while she’s meditating. Her husband sounds like an understanding guy, especially since Carroll also reveals that she has an alien teacher and healer on the ship named Maris, who has a "soul-to-soul" relationship with her. That relationship includes an interesting way of healing, as she describes how Maris cured a throat problem.

I remember him massaging my neck and putting his long fingers in my mouth and down my throat, where I said I was tight.

That throat problem could be because she claims she’s a hybrid and her human neck is dealing with her jawless alien side. Carroll believes she was chosen by the aliens while still in the womb and her DNA has been “upgraded” on her regular visits to the ship, where she says she’s witnessed the aliens “working on humans” who had also been taken there.

These monthly visits, meditative communications and instructions from Maris are the basis for Judy Carroll’s books and website where she helps other abductees and hybrids deal with their condition, memories and experiences. The site also acts as a clearinghouse for information about Greys (or Zetas as she also calls them) and provides a way for Carroll to distribute communications from them.

Is Judy Carroll really a Human by Day, Zeta by Night as the title of her docudrama suggests? She doesn’t provide the hard facts -- like a DNA test or doctor's exam, for example -- that would sway skeptics. However, she does offer a good collection of interesting information and reading and her assistance to those who have a hard time convincing others they’ve been abducted is undoubtedly greatly appreciated.

It obviously helps to have an understanding spouse.

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