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Creepy Clowns Are Back! Axe-Wielding Clown Chases Arizona Kids

Last year’s creepy clown wave was one of the strangest news stories of 2016. It all began in Green Bay, Wisconsin when a terrifying figure in full clown regalia appeared on city streets ominously carrying a bunch of black balloons. Social media users soon dubbed the bizarre character “Gags the Clown” and launched Facebook pages in its honor. The popularity of Gags seemed to spur a rash of creepy copycat clowns, some of whom displayed potentially dangerous or criminal behavior. The clown spree became such a widespread phenomenon that the editors of Oxford Dictionaries ranked “coulrophobia” - the fear of clowns - as one of their Words of the Year in 2016.

Gags the Clown, progenitor of the recent creepy clown phenomenon.

The clown news seemed to die down at the end of 2016 just as quickly as it began. For months, it’s been all quiet on the clown front. However, a recent sighting in Arizona shows that the creepy clowns are back - and this time they mean business.

Screen Shot 2017 05 22 at 10 52 20 AM e1495465485326
ABC10 Arizona reported the story in typical local news fashion.

According to ABC15 Arizona, several children walking home from school in Glendale were chased by an unidentified individual in a clown mask. More worryingly, the clown reportedly brandished an axe which he held aloft as he chased the terrified children while reportedly screaming “You better run because we are coming after you!”

Screen Shot 2017 05 22 at 10 52 50 AM e1495465520397
Just in case you forgot what an axe looked like, ABC10 Arizona has you covered.

One of the children named Dominic told reporters that he thought he might die as the mask-wearing madman chased him and his friends with the axe. While the police and the children’s parents initially thought the clown might have simply been a case of overactive imaginations, police recovered the clown mask and axe near the reported sighting.

Screen Shot 2017 05 22 at 10 55 41 AM e1495465580534
Police photos of the alleged axe and mask shown by ABC10 Arizona.

It’s still unclear just what is behind these creepy clown sightings, but it’s likely a case of bored copycats looking to stir up trouble. If this phenomenon happens to be just some prank or some type of viral ad campaign for the new adaptation of Stephen King’s It, this last one went a little too far. Generating social media buzz as some type of performance art is one thing, but scaring kids with an axe is quite another. But hey - maybe it's just one of the now-unemployed Ringling Bros. clowns looking for work now that the nearly 150-year-old circus has officially shut down. Clowns gotta eat.

Depositphotos 128572242 m 2015 e1495466550938
"I was just showing off my axe juggling skills! Please! I do birthdays!"

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