Jun 01, 2017 I Brett Tingley

Humanity Just Got a New Defense For the Oncoming War with AI

While many might scoff at the idea of an artificial intelligence uprising as a paranoid delusion, many of the top minds in AI research and the sciences are beginning to seriously consider a future in which we might find ourselves at war with our ungodly creations. To help us defend ourselves against such a possible future, a group of artificial intelligence researchers in Australia have invented a tiny new device they claim will help humanity defend itself from nefarious artificial intelligence systems. The device is a wearable earpiece which warns its owner if any nearby voices are actually AIs trying to pass themselves off as human. 

So...to defend against AI you want us to put an AI in our ears? Ok, sure. Sounds legit. Image: DT R&D

The earpiece works by analyzing the sounds of speech heard by its listener. By comparing those speech sounds to a database of real voices and synthesized ones, the device can supposedly detect which voices are humans and which are robots attempting to impersonate humans.

"No way guys. I'm totally human. Really."

The research firm DT R&D is behind the earpiece and claims the device is necessary in our modern age in which facts, truth, and reality have become the playthings of corporations, governments, and the tech companies which are actively shaping the future of humankind:

The post-truth era is just getting started. Near the end of 2017 we’ll be consuming content synthesised to mimic real people. Leaving us in a sea of disinformation powered by AI and machine learning. The media, giant tech corporations and citizens already struggle to discern fact from fiction. And as this technology is democratised it will be even more prevalent. Preempting this we prototyped a device worn on the ear and connected to a neural net trained on real and synthetic voices called ‘Anti AI AI.’

The device is being hailed as an “anti-AI AI,” because the technology itself relies on artificial intelligence algorithms based on Google’s TensorFlow open source neural network software. Can it really be trusted, then? Who’s to say the AI in the earpiece won’t turn on its human wearers? Sheesh, these computer nerds. So shortsighted.

Screen Shot 2017 05 30 at 1 55 20 PM e1496167674664
The device can supposedly distinguish between synthesized voices and human ones. Sorry, Stephen Hawking. Guess you're off to the robot work farm.

The earpiece contains a thermoelectric plate which becomes cool any time an AI voice is detected - literally sending a chill down it’s wearers spines. Thus, the wearer can be warned without alerting anyone or anything nearby - unless of course the robots have already developed heat vision and can ‘see’ the earpiece cooling. In that case, wearers can claim they were only joking and march straight back to their human battery pods, apologizing to their benevolent robot overlords all the way.


Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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