May 12, 2017 I MJ Banias

‘Magical’ Amulets Save Lives According To Crash Survivor

Sayan Khiawyai, a 42 year old restaurant owner in Thailand, was heading to a wedding when his SUV caught the back of a tractor trailer sending his Toyota Fortuner careening off the road into a tree. The collision totally destroyed his vehicle, and should have killed Sayan.

According to Sayan, he was travelling to his adopted son's wedding when he came upon a tractor trailer parked on the side of the road. The trailer's tail was sticking out into his lane by about 20 inches, and due to poor lighting on the dark highway, Sayan's SUV crashed into it. The SUV was thrown off the road and into the trees and underbrush just off the shoulder.

fortuner 570x344
Toyota Fortuner (in significantly better shape than Sayan's)

When Sayan did not arrive at the wedding, his family began to worry. His adoptive brother Tawatphun Praserttikun feared the worst as he arrived at the scene of the crash. With the help of the police, they searched the nearby undergrowth for Sayan's body. Finding no sign of the man, they expanded the search area. About 200 meters from the accident sat Sayan, quietly meditating.

As Tawatphun approached his brother, Sayan said,

I'm so sorry to let everyone down. I won't be coming to the wedding. I was killed in a road accident.

Grabbing Sayan's arm, Tawatphun shook him, yelling,

Brother! Brother! Phee Yan! You are not dead - you're still alive!

When asked later how he survived the crash, and walked away without a single scratch, the man indicated he was wearing his Phor Than Khlai amulet, which depicts a revered Buddhist monk. Purchased 26 years ago at a temple, it is the only amulet he wears.

monkamulet 1 570x683
Phor Than Khlai Amulet

Sayan claims to have had an out of body experience. He witnessed the crash from above, flying out and over the cab of his vehicle, and seeing it get totally smashed to bits in the collision. He has no memories of anything after the crash until he was found by Tawatphun.

Whether you believe in magical amulets or not, it might be good to check Amazon and see if they carry these things. I'd pay the Two-Day shipping premium, especially if you have a long road trip coming up.

MJ Banias

MJ Banias is the author of “The UFO People: A Curious Culture” and curates the popular Fortean blog “Terra Obscura" and YouTube channel. He has appeared on multiple radio shows and podcasts including Coast to Coast AM, and his work has appeared in Fortean Times Magazine, FATE Magazine and in the book, “UFOs: Reframing the Debate."

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