May 29, 2017 I Brett Tingley

Mysterious ‘SOS’ Found in Remote Western Australia

Law enforcement officials in Western Australia are baffled and a bit worried about an unexplained “SOS” found in Australia’s remote Kimberley region. The SOS was constructed from rocks and spotted by a helicopter pilot flying over Swift Bay near a popular camping and off-roading site close to the Kalumburu Aboriginal Community. After being notified of the mysterious sign, Kalumburu Police chartered a helicopter to scout the area.

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Several aboriginal communities are nearby, but the area is relatively unpopulated.

No signs of lost hikers or human remains were found, although police did find evidence that indicated a recent campsite was in the area. With no missing person reports and no leads to go on, Kalumburu Senior Sergeant Peter Reeves has asked the public for help solving this mystery:

We've done a ground search and aerial search of the area and there are indications that there may have been someone camped there at one point in time, but it's just not clear how long ago that was. We're asking for anyone if they have any knowledge for the person who may have been in distress and may have made that sign, if they can contact us. Likewise, if they know of anyone who is in distress who may be out in that area, that we've got an idea of who and what we may be looking for.

The possibility that the sign is some sort of prank remains, although police are taking the case seriously. However, given that nobody has reported any missing persons in the area, the SOS sign is a bit puzzling. There is the chance that whoever put the sign together eventually made their way out of the remote area and left their rock signal behind and forgot or didn't think to notify police. Until police receive more information, this one remains puzzling.

Let's hope this ends happily.

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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