May 26, 2017 I Paul Seaburn

New Crop Circle May Be Connected to the Cerne Abbas Giant

A new crop circle which appeared this week in Dorset, England, is unusual not so much for its shape but for its close proximity to the mysterious hill figure known as the Cerne Abbas Giant and the earthworks called the Trendle or Frying Pan. Are these new and old (although that’s a subject of debate) formations related?

The website Crop Circle Connector provides an excellent drone video and close-up photographs of the crop circle. Both show details of the swirls left when whoever or whatever knocked down the wheat to create the pattern. The pattern itself is pretty simplistic compared to the more complex crop circles that tend to get them all of the attention. The comments section of the website contains an analysis by well-known crop circle expert Dr. Horace Drew, who claims he can decode crop circles, says many of them contain messages from aliens and human time travelers and professes that he can identify man-made (by today’s humans) crop circles.

Dr. Drew says this one is “paranormally real” (not man-made) and gives comparisons to its shape and various religious symbols. The intersecting circles looks like a Vesica Piscis, a symbol for Christ, and the almond-shaped intersection is a popular framing device for surrounding religious icons in many religions. So in this case, the shape could be a symbol of Christ emitting rays – another popular picture.

composite 570x428
Interpretations of the crop circle provided by Dr. Drew

However, the religious aspects don’t necessarily fit with the crop circle’s close proximity to the Cerne Abbas Giant – whose looks and history are as controversial as many crop circles. The most well-known features of the crushed chalk outline of a large naked man are his large erection and his large club – that’s not a redundancy. While some have tried to date the figure back to Roman times because of its resemblance to Hercules, it’s not mentioned in historical documents until the late 17th century. An interesting theory is that it may be a satirical drawing of Oliver Cromwell.

proximity 570x254
The crop circle (left) and the giant (right) are too close for coincidence

It the crop circle and the hill figure – particularly the giant’s “lower” club – are related, then the circle takes on the resemblance of a female’s sexual organ. That would make sense if the crop circle was man-made, but Dr. Drew says it’s “paranormally real.”

What about the Frying Pan? Located above and to the right of the Giant's head, the trendle (which means ‘hoop’) or frying pan would predate a 17th century Giant. Most experts believe it’s the remnants of a temple and was later used for maypole dancing – a maypole would be erected in its center and childless couples would circle it in a fertility dance.

The Cerne Abbas Giant   012 570x456
The Giant and the Frying Pan

Erect a pole? Giant erection? Fertility dance? Crop circle in the shape of a female sex organ? Despite Dr. Drew’s comment that “For people who think about “sex” all of the time, this might seem to be a good theory!”, it actually seems like this is the most likely connection ... even for people who don't think about sex all of the time.

Whatever the case and whatever the cause, this new crop circle provides a great reason to call attention to one of Britain’s unique features – the Cerne Abbas Giant – and to ponder why an alien or time traveler would choose that shape for a nearby crop circle.

Paul Seaburn

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