May 17, 2017 I Paul Seaburn

Pair of Strange Talking Bigfoot Reported in Malaysia

As the theme song of the classic TV show “Cheers” says:

   Sometimes you want to go
   Where everybody knows your name

Unless one of those everybodies is a Bigfoot. In a report out of Malaysia, residents of a village in the Bachok District on the peninsular side of the country report seeing two large hairy creatures that can talk and actually address them by name. The creatures are at least 6 feet tall and the reports refer to them as Bigfoot. Are they Sasquatch? Yeti? Bigfoot barflies looking for someone to buy them a beer?

The story was reported this week in Sinar Harian. From rough translations, it appears that villagers were hearing their names being called out at dusk and some saw “furry creatures” resembling apes. Reportedly, anyone who answered when their name was called came down with a fever that lasted for weeks. That brought in medical practitioners from the Medical Center of the Islamic Al-Qalam Selangor to treat the sick.

backyard 570x428
The back yard where the two creatures were spotted

The medical personnel heard a strange tale from 50-year-old Zubaidah Abdullah who was there living in her late mother’s house when she claims she was approached by two of the creatures that appeared to have come down from a tree in the back yard. Unfortunately, they seemed to have other things on their minds besides just talking to her.

I was surprised when that thing can talk to me and want to sleep next to me. I chased the creature to read the Quran, then he disappeared.

While no one else seems to have reported being propositioned by the creatures, Azmi Bakar claimed something shook the roof of his house and stepped on his cat, which he had initially blamed for the noise. With the illnesses, sightings, voices and noises, residents are reportedly nervous.

As a result of the disturbance, the population so traumatized and did not want to go out in the evening and night.

Sinar Harian does not offer any explanations for what the villagers are experiencing. Since Zubaidah Abdullah claimed that religious reading chased the creatures away from her, that’s the only recommendation the villagers seem to have been given.

Malaysia has one well-known alleged cryptid – the Orang Mawas. Reported to be up to ten feet tall and covered with black fur, the hominid creature is said to live mostly in the jungles of Johor, which is south of Bachok on the peninsula. There have been many reported sightings and numerous footprints have been found – some four-toed – but it’s as elusive as most Bigfoot or Yetis.

The two puzzling aspects of the report are the illnesses and the ability to speak. The fevers could be psychological due to fear, while the voices point to the sightings being pranks, especially since they address villagers by name. Or the creature could be a powerful being from another dimension that picked this remote village to torment.

Until the Bachok Bigfoot are explained, offering them a beer and singing a happy tune still sounds like a good plan.

    Be glad there's one place in the world
    Where everybody knows your name,
    And they're always glad you came;
    You want to go where people (and Bigfoot) know,
    People (and Bigfoot) are all the same;
    You want to go where everybody knows your name.

Paul Seaburn

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