May 05, 2017 I Paul Seaburn

UFOs Seen Hovering Over ‘Cursed’ Movie Set

Put the word “Curse” in the title of a movie about a maniacal killer clown being pursued by paranormal investigators and you’re just asking for all kinds of trouble. But UFOs? The cast and crew working in Bucknall, Staffordshire, on the horror movie “Crispy's Curse” had a number of strange experiences on the set, culminating with a number of unidentified flying objects hovering and shooting across the sky above the location. Is it too late to change the title?

Crispy's Curse was hard to make. It was a good laugh, but we started to say it had a curse attached to it. Everything seemed to go wrong. There were people getting locked out of cars and having to smash the windows. We had a nasty injury. In one of the scenes the clown hits one of the actors in the face with a frying pan, but it was a dodgy prop and it punctured his nose. He had to go to hospital. He's fine now.

JohnWilliamsCrispy 570x380
Writer/director John Williams (right) and actor Dan Smith

Writer and director John Williams has worked on horror movies before – his last film, "The Slayers," was a vampire thriller – and has a TV psychic in the cast of “Crispy's Curse,” but he wasn’t expecting unexplained lockings, dodgy props (a great name for a band) or close encounters of the UFO kind that weren't props.

We saw a UFO, we were filming at night at the back of Bucknall. It was a clear night and we all looked up at the stars. We saw what looked like a huge star, pulsating in the sky and moving erratically. Then we realized we were all looking at different stars, there were quite a few of them, probably five or six.

Sounds like the opening scene for John’s next movie. In fact, just like in a good alien flick, the plot thickened.

This big one then suddenly shot across the sky like a shooting star and we were all a bit scared. I kept expecting the Men in Black to turn up.

Williams is obviously looking at all of his cinematic options here. TV too.

It was a UFO, in that it was an unidentified object in the sky, I'm not saying it was Martians or anything, but it was weird.

What John William’s possible “Based on a true story” UFO movie won’t be is a sequel to "Crispy's Curse." That film, currently in post-production and scheduled to be released later this year, is a dark comedy about Crispy, a real or possibly a ghost of a clown who kills with a chainsaw and is being pursued by a Christian heavy metal band called Messiah Fist and some paranormal investigators. Sounds interesting!

Was “Crispy’s Curse” cursed? John Williams hopes not, unless it helps sell tickets. Did he and the cast see UFOs? The chances are good, since Staffordshire has had its share of UFO sightings and paranormal encounters. On the other hand, it was a movie set ... why didn't anyone roll cameras?

Did Williams see aliens or Men in Black? You’ll have to wait for his next film to find out.

Paul Seaburn

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