May 30, 2017 I Brett Tingley

Unexplained Roaring Noises Terrify Nottingham, England

Residents of Nottingham, England were awoken over the weekend to a mysterious noise which seemed to emanate directly from the sky. The sound occurred throughout the night and early morning hours on May 27 and 28 and could be heard throughout the city center and surrounding suburbs. Mystified townsfolk described the sound as a “roaring” or “whooshing” sound and took to Twitter to express their shock and awe:

It sounds like the war of the worlds in Nottingham at the moment. Unknown catastrophically loud noise every two minutes.

Nottingham local Hayley Compton told the BBC that the noise was similar to a giant flame in the sky:

For the last two mornings, I've heard a series of noises outside my house in Wollaton which sounds like a giant blowtorch. We went outside and it was really loud, I looked up into the sky expecting either to see flames or a very close aircraft of some sort.

Nottingham police received dozens of similar reports about the noises but have yet to identify their source. On Reddit’s Nottingham subreddit, users began speculating what the source of the sound might be. Some of the more popular theories included UFOs, (naturally), noises generated by industrial machines at nearby factories, or even a hot air balloon. However, the frequency of the noise and timing would suggest that it’s probably not the latter.

There are a few factories nearby, but so far none have come forward as the source of the sounds.

Meanwhile, similar noises were heard around the same time in nearby Derbyshire. With all of the unexplained and strange aerial phenomena being reported in the UK lately, these noises shouldn’t be taken lightly. Sure, there’s likely a prosaic origin of these sightings and sounds involving heavy industry, military testing or the like, but for now, these occurrences all add up to one big English mystery.


Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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