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Salvador Dalí To Be Exhumed by Spanish Tarot Card Reader

The strange surrealism of Salvador Dalí continues long after his death. In a strange turn of events, a judge in Madrid has ordered that Dalí’s remains be exhumed at the behest of a professional Tarot card reader and self-proclaimed psychic. While even Dalí himself might be pleased by what sounds like a case of black magic or higher mysteries, unfortunately the cause is much more banal in nature.

Dalís crypt at the Dalí Theatre and Museum in Figueres.

Dalí’s crypt at the Dalí Theatre and Museum in Figueres.

It turns out the Tarot card reader might be Dalí’s long-lost daughter. Maria Pilar Abel Martínez of Girona, Spain began making these paternity claims years ago, according to Spanish newspaper El Mundo. Martínez alleges that her mother, Antonia, worked for a family in Cadaqués who lived next door to one of Dalí’s homes. Antonia eventually moved and married a different man, but always told her daughter that the surrealist painter, performance artist, and moustache wizard was her father. At the time, Dalí would have been married to Gala Dalí, his spouse of nearly fifty years.

Dalí and Maria Pilar Abel Martínez.

Dalí and Maria Pilar Abel Martínez.

Martínez even claims a close physical resemblance to Dalí, saying “the only thing missing is the moustache.” Well, there are hormone therapies for that, you know… Might help in a paternity suit.  Martínez reportedly had DNA testing done on tissue samples and personal belongings of Dalí’s, but the Tarot reader claims she was never given the official results in order to suppress the truth of her parentage at the behest of Dalí’s living heirs. For their part, the Dalí Foundation run by the artist’s’ heirs has issued a brief statement signaling their intention to appeal the ruling to exhume Dalí’s remains.