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UFOs in Videos from Bermuda Triangle May Be Organisms

When Joshua P. Warren talks, the paranormal world listens. So, when this ghost researcher, author, museum owner, Bermuda Triangle expert and all-around guru of the unusual issued a press release on June 6th, it received massive attention. The title, “New Form of UFO Filmed in Bermuda Triangle,” was only a teaser.

A new type of UFO has been discovered, and filmed multiple times, in Puerto Rico. One researcher, Joshua P. Warren, thinks it may be a living organism, so he calls it an “Organic UFO,” or “OUFO.”

If that’s not enough to get you excited, the next four words should:

Leaked Homeland Security footage …

The ‘footage’ is a video from 2013 of a saucer-shaped object flying at up to 120 mph both above and below the water near the Rafael Hernandez Airport in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. The video was analyzed extensively by the Scientific Coalition of Scientists for UFOlogy (SCU) – a think tank of scientists and researchers dedicated to exploring unknown anomalous phenomena – which released a 162-page report in 2015 confirming that the video was authentic. But what was it a video of?

In his capacity as Director of the Bermuda Triangle Research (where does he find time to do all that he does?), Joshua Warren has seen many more videos of objects that resemble the one in the thermal video and he has an idea.

But we’ve got many other recordings of these anomalies, and I believe they may have even been documented in sculptures by the ancient Taino Indians in Puerto Rico.

The Taino Indians were mostly wiped out in Puerto Rico and on the other Caribbean Islands just 50 years after the arrival of Columbus. In the video that accompanies the press release, Warren refers to cemís – icons made from wood, stone or clay that symbolized the spirit of the god Yucahú. Warren points out that the sculptures closely resemble the UFOs in the videos. Were these icons products of the imagination or drug-induced hallucinations of the Taino Indians or were they accurate depictions of something they actually saw in the sky?

Warren thinks it’s the latter. Not only that, he thinks the ill-formed, blobbish shapes of the UFOs comes from not being solid ships but living organisms. For the Taino Indians, this implies that the ‘spirits’ may have been real space aliens that communicated with them directly or in the same spiritual or psychological way as hallucinations did. Since their religion was replaced by Christianity, their culture and language mostly destroyed and their descendants either killed, wiped out by diseases or integrated thought intermarriage, there’s no way to tell.

Joshua Warren is making the rounds promoting his new theory of Organic UFOs and adding that this could be an explanation for those who claim they can summon UFOs. If it were anyone else, these conjectures might be met with raised eyebrows, but Joshua Warren is a respected researcher.

After you’ve watched the video, does Warren convince you that the Bermuda Triangle may by home to Organic UFOs?


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