Jul 31, 2017 I Paul Seaburn

Mysterious Metatron’s Cube Crop Circle Found

I know what you’re thinking … crop circle? Really? I tend to avoid them unless there’s something interesting about it and this one caught my eye because it resembles a Metatron's Cube, one of those sacred geometry figures that give a crop circle a greater air of mystery as well as a high challenge for perfect completion. Throw in the fact that Metatron is a name that appears often in literature and on television and that the location of the crop circle has an old legend involving the Devil and you’ve got the makings of an interesting tale.

The 400-feet-wide (120 meters) crop circle was reportedly found on July 18, 2017, in a wheat field near Cley Hill, Warminster, U. K., and photographed by the folks at Cropcircleconnector.com. It’s described as a variation of Metatron’s Cube, so let’s see how close it is.

Aerial image of the Cley Hill crop circle (Cropcircleconnector.com)

A Metatron’s Cube is a set of 6 circles placed in a hexagon around a central seventh circle, with six more circles extending from the radii of the inner six, for a total of 13. It also has the five Platonic solids or polygons that can be built within a sphere – Tetrahedron (triangular pyramid), Hexahedron (cube), Octahedron (8-sides), Icosahedron (12-sided) and Dodecahedron (20-sided). The 3D Dimension website shows the correct design of Megatron's Cube and shows the solids, while Linda Moulton Howe at earthfiles.com points out that the Megatron variation crop circle at Cley Hill actually has 18 triangles inside 18 circles that border the triangles.

Cley Hill saw another crop circle last year – a less-intricate formation said to resemble the calendar wheel of the Mayan Long-Count calendar. But the real mystery of Cley Hill is its association with the devil. According to local legend, the 66-acre mound west of Warminster in Wiltshire was formed by the devil when he was tricked by an old man who recognized him and dropped his sack of dirt that he planned to use to bury the nearby town of Devizes for converting to Christianity.

cley hill 640x365
Cley Hill

As fitting of its association with the sacred geometrical shape, the word Metatron has a mathematical origin, coming from the Latin mētātor which means "one who metes out or marks off a place, a divider and fixer of boundaries.” Its most well-known ancient use is in the Judaic Book of Enoch in the form Mattatron, the Recording Angel or the Chancellor of Heaven. Most people today are probably more familiar with Metatron, the Voice of God in Kevin Smith’s movie Dogma, played by the wonderful real voice of the late great Alan Rickman. Metatron also shows up as an angel character played by Curtis Armstrong in the TV series Supernatural, an angel in the manga series O-Parts Hunter and and angel in the science-fiction/fantasy trilogy His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman.

Aerial image of the Cley Hill crop circle (Cropcircleconnector.com)

With that kind of history both past and present, it’s fitting that the name Metatron is associated with a sacred geometric figure and ended up near a hill with a devilish origin.

Who made the crop circle on Cley Hill? Who knows? Is its link to Metatron’s Cube an interesting connection and a tale worth telling? Hell yes!

Paul Seaburn

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