Not too long ago here on Mysterious Universe I came forward with my own tales of brushes with the decidedly unexplained and seemingly paranormal. My article was put out with the intent of not only getting these troubling experiences off of my chest but also in the attempt to get some answers. One tale that I related generated a particular amount of interest, comments, and personal mails, and that is a case of my encounter with a group of people, beings, entities, whatever you want to call them, which confronted me out on a dark, lonely highway in a vast, sprawling expanse of highway passing through nothing but scrub, wastelands, and endless blackness. It is a case that has confounded me, but with some new leads and advice from readers I have been coming to get possible new insights into what it was that I brushed against out on that road. For any of those who did not read my original article, I will reprint this account here:

"This happened to me when I had just turned 18 years old, just before I was to head off to college, and I had decided to take a road trip from my home town in California to Denver, Colorado to visit a friend of mine there. I did not have much money, and my parents thought it was a bit of a whimsical idea, but they let me go through with it anyway. I thought at the time that I could handle myself, and at 6’3″ and pretty muscular I suppose I have a somewhat intimidating enough presence, even then, that I foolishly thought I would not run into too many problems along the way, that no one would mess with me. Anyway, it was just to be a drive out there, after which I would stay two days and then come back. Simple. There was no real reason to think it was a particularly bad idea at the time.

Along the way, somewhere in the wilds of Nevada, it became obvious that the drive was to be a lot longer than I had expected, I had left my home too late, and I was getting tired and sleepy. If you have ever taken this drive then you might know that there are vast swaths where there is not a soul in sight for miles around. It might as well be the surface of the moon. There was really not much to see along this route, it was dark and empty, and with the endless, monotonous road ahead and the hypnotizing lane lines flickering by I caught myself nodding off at the wheel on several occasions. I did not really have the money for a hotel to stay at, I barely had enough money for food and gas, and so I decided to pull over at a highway rest area off the highway and take a nap in my car. I only planned to sleep for a couple of hours and then head off along that dark, desolate highway once more. The area was actually rather remote, with nothing around, and at the time there were no other vehicles there at that rest stop, giving it all a rather bleak and imposing atmosphere that made me wonder if it was a good idea to be there or not, but I ended up parking, putting my chair back, and falling asleep even as I turned over the idea of just continuing on my way in my head.

I awoke to a tapping on my car window. I jumped awake, and it was light enough that I at first thought it was early morning. I was somewhat startled to see a young man standing there peering in at me. He was a skinny young man who looked to be perhaps in his early twenties or late teens, not much older than myself at the time, and he was dressed normally, certainly not a vagrant or appearing particularly threatening in any noticeable way, although I immediately wondered why he was out there in the middle of nowhere and what he wanted. He then simply and calmly said “Open the door.” At this I immediately had a distinct sense of palpable menace, some undefinable feeling of threat, and was glad that I had locked the doors of my vehicle. I simply said no. He demanded again, “Open the door,” this time in almost a growl, and I soon noticed that there were two others with him lurking in the background, and that there was also a pick-up truck nearby, which I assumed to be theirs. Upon this truck was mounted a spotlight that was turned on and pointed at the ground, which was why the whole area seemed to be surprisingly illuminated. In actuality it was still the middle of the night.

This is where things get bizarre indeed. Thinking that it was just some kids screwing around, I took out a knife I had brought with me and just held it there where he could see it, which I guess was pretty stupid in retrospect, but remember I was just a dumb teenager and I thought this would maybe scare them away. It in fact had quite the opposite effect. The young man became absolutely infuriated, and let out what I can only describe as an animalistic howl or wail, quite chillingly inhuman in its intensity, as he violently shoved my car to send the vehicle quaking, and I actually felt it lift from the ground a bit. It was breathtakingly horrifying, totally out of nowhere, and was a jarring, frightening display of strength I never would have expected from a person, let alone someone with such a slim frame. It is hard to describe just the amount of alarm I felt at that moment.

This is when I noticed that the two other people with him in the background had something quite off about them. I could see that their eyes were either glowing or reflecting light like those of a cat, I don’t know which, which either way you might recognize as something that human eyes do not do. It also seemed that they were, I don’t know how to describe it, blurry? Fuzzy? Do you know how when you are watching a TV program with bad transmission and the people on the screen look jumpy and distorted? Can you imagine that? It was like that. They seemed distorted, broken, and vague, as if infused with some sort of static. It was almost as if they were tenuous, having trouble with staying in focus, staying in reality, having difficulty existing, or that they were quivering or moving to and fro at great speed. It was really very strange and although I suppose I am a decent writer I find it quite hard to fully describe in words. The next thing I knew, one of them, a girl around the same age as the man, who was now panting and scowling like a rabid dog, his visage twisted and contorted beyond the thin pane of window separating us, was suddenly just there beside him. One moment she was standing in the background some distance away, and then she just was right there in the blink of an eye. It was abrupt and disorienting to say the least. Then she also said “Open the door now.”

This is when I snapped out of my shock and started my car. I didn’t honestly didn’t think it would start, thinking that surely they must have done something to it to cripple it, and that I would be stuck there in its metal prison until they smashed their way in or someone came along to help, which was a slim possibility considering the sheer emptiness of the road and the fact that the chance that few vehicles passing by in the night would even know something was wrong was a remote possibility at best. To my genuine surprise the car did start, and I tore out of there as fast as I could. As I did so, the spotlight on the pick-up truck immediately sprung to life and swung up to home in on me, blinding in its brightness and following my car with perfect precision.

I stepped on the gas, and as I did I was shocked to see that one of them, not the original man or woman, probably the other one or  even another hiding in the shadows who I had not seen, was running along side my car. I think it is important to mention that at this point I was almost to the actual highway and steadily picking up speed, perhaps going 40 miles an hour at that moment, yet there this person was, another young man, easily pacing me as the spotlight pierced forward to track me. As he ran, barely even looking tired, he reached out to knock on my window, and it was all so totally strange and frightening that I remember I let out a scream, something that I usually do not do and which I can probably count on one hand how many times I’ve done it. As I reached the highway and picked up speed he tried to keep up with me, banging on my window the whole time with increasing force, and probably made it up to around 50 miles per hour before he finally fell behind and faded into the distance. It was all absolutely mind boggling.

I just drove off as fast as I could, my foot heavy on the pedal, and although that persistent spotlight stayed on me until I was out of sight, the truck oddly did not give chase. I hauled ass until I reached an off-ramp into a populated place, and I must have sat there at a diner for about 3 hours, shaking and trembling at the whim of the adrenaline that was coursing through me. I could not keep my hands still, I must have looked a mess, and I remember the waitress asking if I was alright on numerous occasions, but I lied and said that I was just frightened because I had almost crashed out on the road. I don’t know why I didn’t tell anyone or call the police. It is probably because I didn’t think they would believe me, hell I barely believed it, and also the fact that I was eager to reach my destination and did not want to deal with the hassle, especially since I was in one piece despite my rattled state.

I never did tell my friend in Colorado about it, and indeed I have never told anyone at all about it until now. I was terrified to tell anyone about what really happened. This may all sound very dramatic, but I assure you it did happen, I am not exaggerating, and to this day it is rather traumatic to think about. I truly feel that I was not meant to make it out of there alive, and that I should have died or even worse at that rest area. My life was surely in some form of danger. I often find myself wondering how many other travelers along that desolate stretch of highway were confronted by those odd strangers, and what would have happened to me if I had opened my door as they had demanded. To this day, it gives me duress just to bring up these memories."

This is what I wrote, and it has been an incredibly personal, bizarre, and traumatic experience that has haunted and consumed me ever since, and I have always wrestled for answers within my head trying to come to terms with it. It fit in with nothing I knew of and defied all of my attempts to come to grips with it, seeming to occupy a realm of the unexplained with which I had had no previous experience or knowledge. What were these things terrorizing me and what did they want? Why did they go about things the way they did? Were there any more people who had ever had quite the same kind of experience that I had? These were questions which swirled through my mind and eluded easy answers. In a sense they still do.

After I published my unusual experience I was immediately put at ease by the rather strong support for me coming forward with this admittedly rather dramatic, but very true, account. There were many theories that came forward both in the comments section and in numerous personal mails sent to myself, including everything from the mundane to the far-out. For some it was just a regular group of sadistic individuals out running amok, possibly on some sort of powerful drugs such as PCP to simulate some of the weird phenomena and abilities I witnessed. For others it was anything from vampires, to aliens, to really everything in between, but one possibility repeatedly put forward to me was that what I had encountered was beings known as Skinwalkers, a phenomenon which I had heard of but never really known much about or even had an interest in until now.

While I had never really delved into this aspect of the world of the weird before, the numerous replies that I received suggesting this possibility compelled me to look into it further. I had never even considered the possibility of Skinwalkers before, but I thought it was worth a look, since every other avenue I had pursued had led me to nothing, and there was no other phenomenon that seemed to really fit. What I found was, while not conclusive at all, rather eye opening to say the least, and as I tirelessly tried to track down similar stories or accounts concerning Skinwalkers in my search across forums and articles scattered across the web for answers that might shed light on what I went through, I found a spooky amount that at the very least share enough traits to give me pause.

For those who are not familiar with the concept of Skinwalkers, they are creatures that feature in Native American lore, in particular amongst the Navajos of the southwestern United States, amongst who they are called the yee naaldlooshii, which translates roughly into “with it, he goes on all fours,” as well as in comparable legends amongst the Hopi, Utes, and other southwestern tribes. These entities are said to be exceptionally powerful shapeshifting witches or medicine men who have achieved vast supernatural powers such as supernatural strength, speed, and the power to change into the form of other people, animals such as coyotes, wolves, foxes, eagles, owls or crows, or also horrifying half-animal beasts. To become a Skinwalker, it is said that it is necessary to perform some act of pure evil, often killing a beloved family member, and that once transformed they seek to create suffering and fear, to sow terror, upon which they draw power. They are not nice, in other words. One Nevada anthropologist named Dan Benyshek, who specializes in the study of Southwestern Native Americans has said of them thus:

Skinwalkers are purely evil in intent. I'm no expert on it, but the general view is that skinwalkers do all sorts of terrible things---they make people sick, they commit murders. They are graverobbers and necrophiliacs. The skinwalkers are regarded as selfish, greedy, and untrustworthy. They are greedy and evil people who must kill a sibling or other relative to be initiated as a skinwalker. They supposedly can turn into were-animals and can travel in supernatural ways.

There are numerous variations on what these sinister Skinwalkers are capable of. In some tales they are said to be able to incapacitate a victim with fear by simply looking at them. In other traditions they can literally steal the skin of a person and wear it around like a suit, essentially possessing them. They are also variously described as being able to control the minds of their victims, hold them in thrall, drive them insane, or cause potent, terrifying hallucinations. They are usually believed to be attracted to the speaking of their true names, after which they will lock onto and hunt down the unfortunate one who has spoken of them. Indeed, it is often seen as bad luck and inviting imminent danger just to speak of them, and for this reason the Skinwalkers are not typically openly discussed among Natives, especially with outsiders, with many stories and tales of the creatures kept secret within the tribe. However, these Native peoples for the most part seem to consider these creatures to be quite real indeed, stepping beyond mere myth and folklore.

screen shot 2015 09 30 at 1 13 24 pm
Native American Shamans

So what does my experience have to do with Skinwalkers? I will go into more detail, but if you have been paying attention you might have already noticed right off the bat some similarities between some of the lore and what I went through. First there is the location, with me being in Nevada at the time, practically smack in the middle of alleged Skinwalker territory and ground zero for many eyewitness accounts. Also, one very prevalent theme in these legends, at least to my understanding, is that they rather enjoy instilling fear, that they even seem to feed off of it. What could those people I met up with possibly have wanted other than to simply terrify me? If they had wanted to kill me they certainly could have, of that I have little doubt. I was asleep in my car, they caught me off guard, they had me at their mercy, they had frightening power, yet they chose to intentionally calmly wake me up and then proceed to show me these displays of weirdness that seem to have had no other practical purpose other than to completely freak me out. If they wanted to scare me out of my wits, then mission accomplished. If they wanted to really get at me, then they dropped the ball. Is that possible?

They rocked my vehicle off its wheels but did not break in. They showed supernatural movements, strength, speed, and other features yet did not wholly attack in any significant way. When I fled in my car they did not pursue, except of course for that one that ran alongside my vehicle, but he made only a passing, ineffectual attempt to bang on my vehicle, and why did the truck not give chase, opting rather to simply shine its bright, mysterious spotlight upon me? I cannot help but think that much of this was orchestrated to scare me rather than directly harm me, although I of course could be deadly wrong. I don’t pretend to understand any of it, but if it was all to terrorize me then it certainly worked, and it fits neatly into the idea that Skinwalkers enjoy this sort of thing and feed off of it. Conjuring fear in victims is by many accounts intoxicating to them, so maybe I was just a quick fix, who knows? The fact that I seemed even more scared out of my mind than I even should have been also could feed into their purported ability to sow and exaggerate this fear.

I have been doing a good amount of delving into other aspects of Skinwalker sightings, poring through forums and eyewitness accounts, and I have to my surprise found other correlations to my own experience. Another is that there is actually a surprising amount of lore that describes these creatures as appearing at windows, often those of vehicles, and simply peering through or tapping or banging on them, just as what happened in my own encounter. Other reports concerning vehicles describe Skinwalkers as flat out attacking them, although similarly to mine unable to actually fully break in. There are quite a few specific reports that I have uncovered pertaining to these oddities, which have struck me with how similar they seem in some respects to what I saw in this regard.

One report was posted by a Reddit user called "Trey Lightning," who came forward with a harrowing encounter of what seems to be a Skinwalker accosting the vehicle of his Navajo aunt. According to the aunt, when she was younger she had used to take out her friends in her van to go tearing around the reservation and go hanging out in the middle of nowhere just for the kicks and thrill of it all. One night during one of these hell-raising excursions, she claimed that the vehicle had been suddenly pelted with rocks that seemed to come from nowhere out of the black night. Shortly after this, something large and heavy was reported to have landed directly upon the van from above, and then proceeded to have jumped up and down to rock the van violently.

When they tried to start the car they found that they couldn’t, and then a clawed hand apparently scratched roughly across the windshield but did not, or could not, actually break in. Whatever the thing was then purportedly jumped down to the ground and made its way to the driver’s side window, where it merely put its face right up near the glass and peered in at the terrified vehicle occupants. Everyone in the van began to pray, and after a few minutes of it just looming outside the window breathing heavily against the glass it stalked off to wither away into the night, perhaps thwarted somehow or maybe just bored. At that point the van was miraculously able to be started, and the group took off as fast as they could. At no point during the encounter did the alleged entity try to forcefully break into the vehicle or smash in the glass, even though it appears to have been fully capable of doing so. Although not totally the same as what happened to me, there are certainly some glaring similarities here, enough to make my hair stand up on end, anyway.

There are quite a few reports of Skinwalkers accosting lone vehicles along remote roads in the region, often displaying great speed, strength, ferocity, and stamina while doing so, and certainly at the very least sharing some DNA with what I myself experienced. One Reddit user called Iron_jesus shared a rather frightening account concerning an extremely fast moving apparent Skinwalker that appeared to be very human in appearance, just as what I saw, while taking a bus with his sports team members through a remote area through an Indian reservation. I will include his full account thus:

When we had crossed the rez's [reservations] border I noticed the bus driver had sped up and was now going about 85 mph. I thought this was a little weird because he never exceeded the speed limit, at least not in my high school career. For some reason, I couldn't fall asleep like the rest of my teammates, and I just sat at the back of the bus staring out across the desolate desert landscape that was lit up by the full moon. As I looked out, I could see a figure running towards the bus at an angle of pursuit...and keeping up with the bus at 85 mph. As the figure got closer I saw that it was a humanoid form. As a matter of fact it looked exactly like a human, only that the face was painted half black and half white with glowing eyes. Glowing eyes like a rabbit's eyes reflecting light from a spotlight. I immediately thought, "Holy crap! It's a skinwalker!!

The skinwalker ran up to the edge of the road and just kept up pace with the bus hurdling sage brush and rocks while staring at me. After I made eye contact with the thing, I COULD NOT look away. It was as if something was holding my head and eyes in place. The skinwalker just smiled at me this inhuman smile that went ear-to-ear, showing crooked, yellow, pointed teeth. I felt like I was going to throw up and I was panicking through the whole ordeal. The skinwalker started to crumple down on to all fours, still keeping up with the bus. I could see his bones crack and reform, hair started appearing all over the skinwalker's body and in about 3 seconds was now a coyote and it ran off back into the desert out of view. As soon as it was gone, I ran to the onboard bathroom and puked a mixture of food and blood. I didn't want to tell anyone for fear they would think I was crazy. I confided in my Navajo friend. She told me that I needed to see the chief, who also happened to be a friend of mine, and get a blessing. I saw him the next school day in the parking lot. He just came up to me and mumbled something in Navajo while waving a feathered scepter-like thing, turned around, got in his truck and drove away. To this day, I haven't seen another skinwalker.

Now I do not personally recall crooked yellow teeth, although I could not see them, and 85 mph is certainly much faster than the being that I encountered seemed to be capable of, but then again maybe it only “seemed” that way. Maybe he just let me go even though he could have gone faster? I don't know. I did also certainly feel like puking, though. Anyway, maybe he meant to let me go for whatever reason. Maybe I was not their true prey but rather a target for some other inscrutable purpose? Notice the detail of the glowing eyes in this report? It turns out that there are actually many reports of Skinwalkers having glowing eyes, and in my own experience I perceived them to have either glowing eyes or ones that reflected light like those of a cat. One Navajo writer said of the Skinwalkers eyes, “At night, their eyes glow red like hot coals,” and many eyewitness reports mention something along these lines. It is certainly rather curious indeed.

Another report concerns a woman who delivered newspapers around a Navajo reservation. One day in the very early morning hours she claims that there had been a scratching sound emanating from the side of her vehicle as her baby slept calmly in the back seat. The door then apparently was abruptly torn open and a beastly creature with glowing eyes appeared in the void, which then reached for the sleeping baby. The woman slammed the door closed again and floored it, but the menacing entity managed to stubbornly cling to the side of the vehicle as it tried to rip the door open once more. It was not until she reached the relatively well-lit locale of an all-night convenience store that whatever it was finally relented and vanished away into the desert night.

Even law enforcement officers haven’t been immune to such bizarre experiences. One New Mexico highway patrol officer claims that he was on a stretch of highway south of Gallup, New Mexico, when he came face to face with something he could not explain. As he was on patrol, the officer claims that a creature wearing a “white ghostly mask” ran up to his car at great speeds, purportedly easily and effortlessly pacing pacing the patrol car at high speeds. A few days later, the same officer claimed that he had been having a coffee with another highway patrolman and the conversation veered towards the odd experience. The original witness than found that the other officer had had a remarkably similar encounter with a spectral, ghoul faced person who had appeared out of the darkness to run alongside the car at high speeds of at least 65 mph along a desert stretch of highway before running back off into the badlands.

Another account was given by Reddit user "Navajo Joe," who claims that one night after collecting firewood with his uncle they had gotten into their pickup truck to head back. As they were about to leave, Joe felt an ominous sense of being watched and then they had heard a mysterious tapping on the vehicle’s rear window. Spooked, the two started the car and headed off, at which point the truck abruptly sunk down as if something very large and heavy had climbed into the back, while that incessant tapping on the window continued unabated, even growing steadily more insistent. While Joe was compelled to look back to see what it was, his uncle allegedly warned against it, telling him to just keep driving as they chanted a series of Navajo prayers. At some point, whatever it was seemed to have decided it had had enough and it jumped right out the back of the moving vehicle into the blackness of the bleak desert night. Eerily, when Joe later asked his uncle why they hadn’t just tried to shake the thing off out on the road, the uncle would reply, “because it wasn’t alone.”

It wasn’t alone. Sound familiar at all yet? I will come back to this again, but lets talk about some of the other details of my case that seem to be reflected in these accounts of supposed Skinwalkers. For instance, one is the presence of what I perceived to be eyes that were glowing or reflecting light, and as it turns out this is not unusual at all for Skinwalker reports. The unearthly wailing or howling which I heard from the one at my car window is also not uncommon for Skinwalker reports, and they are seemingly quite capable of producing surreal howls that will chill one to the core. There is also the wavering, indistinct, almost flickering forms of the people in the background I saw in my case, which seems to fit in with the lore that Skinwalkers find it easier to maintain an animal form than a human one. Then there is the fact that, to my surprise, these reports do not always involve a single lone Skinwalker but rather what appears to be a group or pack, which is something that I find keenly interesting considering my own odd account.

In 1983, a family of four was driving through a Navajo reservation along Route 163 when they all had the undeniably distinct and dreadful feeling that they were being tailed. When they rounded a bend in the road, they had to slow down the vehicle, and that was when something jumped out from the darkened brush at them. Interestingly, this strange thing seemed to be rather human in appearance, or at least pretending to be. One of the witnesses would say of the frightening encounter:

It was black and hairy and was eye level with the cab. Whatever this thing was, it wore a man's clothes. It had on a white and blue checked shirt and long pants. Its arms were raised over its head, almost touching the top of the cab. It looked like a hairy man or a hairy animal in man's clothing, but it didn't look like an ape or anything like that. Its eyes were yellow and its mouth was open.

The whole family later reported that at this point time seemed to slow down somewhat, as if it were all in a syrupy dream. In this instance they were able to elude whatever malignant presence was stalking them through that desolate stretch of bleak highway, but what is really interesting is what happened several days later at their home in Flagstaff, Arizona. One evening after the incident, the family awoke to the sound of what seemed like thrumming drums echoing all about, and when they looked outside they claim they could see shadowy figures lurking about the dark periphery of their property. These strange intruders were pushed up right against the property fence, and seemed quite eager to enter but could not. Whoever this band of threatening strangers were, they apparently tried to push at the fence but could not gain entry no matter how hard they tried, after which they began chanting in some unknown, arcane tongue. They never did pass that barrier, and melted into the darkness as the family cowered in fear within their home. A Navajo woman would later claim that this group of intruders had been Skinwalkers, and that they had specifically targeted the family for some unknown reason, although they had ultimately been thwarted.

Yet another strange account speaks of a group of dog headed humans that went running around one Navajo reservation at night smoking cigarettes. This all seems to show that they perhaps do work in groups, or packs if you will, but the most baffling and revelatory report as far as my own experience goes came from a witness who came forward to contact me directly, and this is one that has so many eerie connections to my own case that it is quite interesting to me and really hard to ignore. The incident reportedly happened during precisely the same time period as what happened to me, in 1990, while mine was in 1991, in roughly the same general vicinity along Interstate I-80 through northern Nevada, and it almost seems as if it could be the very same strange group who tormented me.

According to this, admittedly unverified report, the witness was traveling from out of state through Nevada, just as I did, when he came across a large, bulky pick-up truck stopped halfway blocking the road. As he approached, he could see several figures traipsing out and about in the dim night outside their vehicle engaged in some unknown activity, and thinking there was perhaps a problem he slowed down to get a better look. It was then that a young man who seemed to be dressed in rather normal clothing came explosively dashing out towards his vehicle in an apparent rabid rage. The witness claimed that there had been at least two others at the scene, and that they seemed to have had glowing eyes as they looked on. Terrified, the witness tore away as fast as he could and said that the one who had approached managed to keep up with the vehicle up to around 60 mph before giving up. Most bizarrely of all, the pick-up truck shot out a spotlight, which tracked him as he drove off.

In addition to the time frame and location, this is so similar to my own experience that I was flabbergasted, and I still wonder if this is really true or just someone who read my report and is yanking my chain. As much as I wish to find anyone out there with similar experiences, this one seems to be a bit too on the mark, but could it be significant? Or is this a lead too good to be true or a clever trolling of my experience? Speaking of that damn spotlight, that has always been a sticking point with me as to my experience. What was with that spotlight? What was it's significance? Spookily, there have been a few readers who have chimed in saying that it sounds like they were utilizing a hunting technique called "spotlighting," of which one contact of mine explained rather ominously and in relation to my case thus:

Also, there was something I wanted to tell you in my previous email that I feared would sound too dramatic, but I think it's important I mention it here. I grew up in rural Kentucky, and it wasn't uncommon for people to mount strong lights on the backs of their trucks like the one you described. They would go out at night and train the light on deer, and the animals would stare at the source of light without moving. This method, called spotlighting, is highly illegal and only done late at night. Whenever someone went out at night with a light like that on their truck, it meant one thing: they were hunting.

Is that what they were doing? Hunting me? If so, why let me go, and I can only think of it as "letting me go," as they seemed so capable of overpowering me at any moment. It adds a whole new veneer of weirdness to it all. Regardless of the answer to that or the veracity of any of these accounts, it has also come to my attention that the area where I had my encounter was the location of a series of strange and unsolved deaths and vanishings during the late 1980s and early 1990s, something that I was totally unaware of until I shared my original account of this here and was contacted with the pertinent information. Even more chillingly, most of these cases seem to have happened along Interstate I-80 through northern Nevada, and specifically around the area of the small, remote town of Winnemucca, Nevada, which I have realized is just about where I was at the time. Most of these cases remain unsolved, and it makes me think that there is perhaps a reason for that.

While I understand that there are serial killers out there and that disappearances happen along barren, lonely stretches of highway all of the time, what is of significance is that there should be an unexplained spate of them in precisely the same location as my own experience and within around the same time frame. Considering the location of these events and the numerous reports of weirdnesses from the region roughly matching what I myself saw, is there something beyond our understanding at work here, and does it have anything to do with Skinwalkers? I really wish I knew, but it is all so rather extraordinarily well connected that it really makes me think.

Now I am not saying that I have come to the conclusion that what I saw was a pack of Skinwalkers out hunting me. This is just one avenue of thought that I have pursued that has proven to pull up enough weird little details and matching oddities to raise an eyebrow with me. I would really like a pat, rational explanation, but the fact of the matter is that what I saw goes beyond that. There is no rational explanation that I can find to any of it. I have been forced to look other accounts of witnesses who perhaps went through what I did and the closest thing that I have come to is Skinwalkers. A pack of them, up to no good and with an unknown dark agenda we may never fully understand. Whether this is true or not I do not know, but I wonder if I witnessed something from beyond the realm of the explained out there in those desert badlands, and if it wasn’t perhaps Skinwalkers who harassed me out there on that desolate stretch of dusty highway. I could be way off, and I know it must seem crazy, but I have seen enough in my continued research and influx of contacts to make me at least mull it over and give it some thought.

If what I saw was by some chance Skinwalkers, then it raises the possibility that they are out there in packs, and that they are certainly up to no good, perhaps being responsible for untold numbers of vanishings and unexplained deaths in the region. I often wonder if I could have ended up as such, or if they perhaps wanted me to escape for some reason, although what that could possibly be eludes me. I am merely searching for answers here, but I must admit that it has all left me rather intrigued. So much of it syncs in with what I saw, when nothing else seems to quite fit. If this is all nothing and a bunch of bunk, then I would happily discard it for a pat, mundane, or "rational" answer, but such an answer has not been forthcoming in the slightest. If it was indeed Skinwalkers, then what did they want, why did they let me live, and what would have become of me if I had stepped out of my car as asked? I may never know.

In the end I don't really know what I saw. I have spent a great amount of time trying to come to grips with it, understand it, contemplate it, and track down any strange reports with possible connections to what I saw, and these are some of my findings. Does it mean that what I saw was a band of malicious Skinwalkers out prowling the desert night? No, I suppose it does not. Indeed, with Skinwalkers being a phenomenon I have never written of before and never really had much interest in or knowledge of, this all was rather startling indeed. However, whatever those people were, they were not normal. Of that I am sure. Whether they were Skinwalkers, vampires, ghosts, or something else, there is something rather spooky in the idea that out there in these desolate desert badlands there is at least one group of sinister, possibly supernatural things out on the hunt, prowling across these vast, uninhabited wastelands with a mysterious agenda we may never know and an undisclosed number of victims. If there is anyone reading this who has any pertinent information to this phenomenon or their own story to tell, then please feel free to share in the comments.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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