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Mystery Woman Terrorizes English Town By Crying Into Mail Slots

Residents of one English down have a rather Lovecraftian mystery after one mysterious individual's strange nocturnal behavior has been plaguing the city for weeks. According to the Liverpool Echo, an unidentified woman has been terrifying and confusing townsfolk in the town of Kirkby near Liverpool, England by waking them up with deranged howling pleas. Earlier this month, police began receiving reports of a woman knocking on people’s doors and screaming through their mail slots in the middle of the night, usually between 2am and 5am.

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Just over 40,000 people live in Kirkby in Western England.

According to Kirkby local Bec Edmunds, the mystery woman has been going door-to-door in the early hours of the morning looking for someone to let her in:

Someone was knocking at my door but I ignored it. I woke up and my back gate was open. The old lady living over the road said the same thing happened but a lady was crying at hers saying she had no money. Luckily the lady told her there was a police station over the road and she went.

Most of the terrified residents have ignored the woman or screamed at her to go away, as the current speculation veers towards the crying woman being merely a distraction as part of some burglary scam. Some residents reported the woman crying hysterically, while others report that she has either begged them to let her in or that she has “nowhere to go” and that she’s stuck in Liverpool somehow.

Doesn't seem like such a bad place to be stuck in. Just ask that ghost in Harry Potter.

Could she be a spirit who only comes out at night to beg the living to help get her home? A sloppy attempt at organized crime? Or, more likely, simply a deranged or intoxicated person out of her wits? Merseyside Police are looking into the matter, but so far have no solid leads.

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