Jul 09, 2017 I Paul Seaburn

Tasmanian Tiger May Have Been Caught on Video

Here’s one for the “It didn’t happen if there’s no video” crowd. A video making the rounds is claimed to be of a ‘we’re pretty sure it’s extinct but maybe not’ Tasmanian tiger. While the uploader uses a process of elimination to come to his conclusion, it’s an intriguing video.

“If it's not a dog, if it's not a fox, if it's not a dingo, could it be a Tasmanian Tiger?”

The video was made by Paul G. Day, an Australian author of books for children and young adults. He claims he was filming the sunrise on Yorke Peninsula in South Australia last week when he captured the image of a dog-like animal. Being a good author who uses videos to sell his books, he added some text and haunting music and posted it on his web page for help in identifying it.


Day says he was shocked by what happened next.

“I posted it on my channel and to my astonishment, it has gone viral. Not only that but FB is going ballistic. Then an expert on all things Thylacine contacted me this morning, asking to meet up. So, tomorrow, I am heading off with a man I’ve never met back to the spot where I filmed the creature to see if we can spot one. Hold on to your hats ladies and gents, this thing could get very interesting.”

Interesting indeed … especially if it’s the real deal. But is it? The silhouette against the sunrise is certainly artistic (more on that later) and strikes most commenters on various sites the same way it struck Day … it could be a fox, a dingo or a dog, one with a pointed nose and a hip problem that gives it a slight non-doglike gait. Magnification doesn’t help.

Then there’s the location. Yorke Peninsula is on the far south side of Australia, a continent away from the current hot spot for thylacine watching – the Cape York Peninsula in Far North Queensland where dozens of cameras have been set up after some recent alleged sightings.

Finally, there’s the witness himself. Day admits on his website that he hasn’t been doing much writing for a while and has been following his other passion … filming nature. He’s set up a YouTube channel and claims his videos have resulted in work opportunities. His Tasmanian Tiger video has obviously been made artistic with music and text. Unfortunately, it’s always suspicious when these eyewitness videos are “produced” rather than offered in their raw form.

As of this writing, Day has not indicated if he’s had his meeting with “an expert on all things Thylacine” at the spot where the video was recorded. Until then, or until there are other witnesses or videos, Day’s process of elimination is in danger of elimination.

Paul Seaburn

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