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Unexplained Horribly Mutilated Sheep Found on NZ Golf Course

Law enforcement officials in Patea, New Zealand were called to the scene of a horrifying, gruesome discovery last week. In the early morning hours of June 7th, Taranaki police arrived at the Patea golf club to discover several horribly mutilated sheep corpses littering a blood-and-guts soaked pasture near the golf course’s clubhouse. What’s worse, all of the sheep were found to be pregnant ewes.

sheep e1499807416780
Placid, docile sheep are common targets of these anomalous mutilations.

In all, the corpses belonged to six ewes and thirteen lambs. The manner of their deaths were horribly grisly; the sheep had their throats cut and were allowed to bleed out before then being violently dismembered and eviscerated. The owner of the sheep, Bevan Dobson, is no stranger to poaching, but believes this case represents something much more sinister and unknown:

They have cut their throats and let them go off and bleed to death, then they've slit open their bellies and cut off the shoulders. To do that - the mentality of that person to slaughter a sheep like that. What's next, some old bugger walking along the street?

Let's hope not for the old bugger's sake. Prior to the discovery of the sheep, Patea police were called to the scene of an unexplained fire set on a nearby beach. Patea police senior sergeant Kyle Davie says that whoever - or whatever - did this, he, she, or it is not of normal human temperament:

They've been left to walk around until they collapsed. Then they've been massacred basically. I'm hoping they were dead by then, it's certainly something they didn't deserve. I think people have to be careful. We don't know where this is going to lead, someone lighting fires and going and slitting animals' throats... I don't want to speculate but it's not normal behaviour.

Police have asked for the public's help in identifying who or what might be behind these horrific and gruesome mutilations. Sure, these sheep could been easily butchered by human hands (or hopefully human hands holding some sort of sharp tools) but plenty of cattle and livestock mutilations defy most explanations.

cattle mutilation2
Livestock mutilations remain one of the weirdest unexplained phenomena.

According to FBI records, mutilated livestock are often found entirely drained of their blood without any sign of spillage, others are found having had organs or genitals removed with beyond-surgical precision, while others have been found to have strange post-mortem chemical imbalances which defy explanation. The most popular theories for what might be behind these unexplained mutilations include alien genetic research, Satanic rituals, top secret black ops weapon testing, or blood sucking creatures like the infamous chupacabra of Central America. Who's to say what could have happened in New Zealand? The only witnesses are strewn all over a golf course.

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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