Aug 29, 2017 I Paul Seaburn

Canadian Embassy in Ireland May Be Haunted

Being an ambassador is a tough job these days, even if you’re representing Canada, a country seemingly beloved by just about everybody, especially after electing everyone’s favorite hunk of a world leader, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. However, Canada's ambassador to Ireland, Kevin Vickers, may be facing an unusual challenge … ghosts. He claims to have experiences which indicate his official Dublin residence may be haunted, and he has an inkling of whose ghost it might be.

"I was sitting watching TV when all of a sudden I heard a heavy chain fall on the floor in the dining room. I immediately went there and there was nothing on the floor. A couple of weeks ago laying in my bed, I heard heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. And I could hear laboured breathing. I immediately went out to the hallway and nothing was there."

house 1
The Canadian embassy residence in Dublin

After those incidents, Ambassador Vickers did what every experienced foreign diplomat would do … he called Prime Minister Trudeau and advised Canada to declare war on Ireland. Just kidding. Being a modern-day public servant, he posted his experiences on Facebook. Then he did what most people do BEFORE they move into a new residence -- he checked into its history for flooding, major structural repairs … and ghosts.

According to CTV, while tough guy Vickers – he was the sergeant-at-arms of the Canadian House of Commons who shot and killed a gunman on Parliament Hill in 2015 - didn’t find a history of haunting in the house, he did find a famous resident ... Patrick Pearse, the Irish revolutionary and one of the leaders of the Easter Rising in 1916 which resulted in his execution. Pearse apparently lived in Glanmire House from 1908 to 1912.

Patrick Pearse 640x426
Patrick Pearse

So Pearse once lived there and was later executed – is that enough of a connection to bring him back to haunt the house? Here’s another dot to connect: just months before the uprising, Pearse wrote an essay called "Ghosts" that was not about the paranormal kind but the political kind.

"Ghosts are troublesome things in a house or in a family. There is only one way to appease a ghost. You must do the thing it asks you. The ghosts of a nation sometimes ask very big things; and they must be appeased, whatever the cost."

Ambassador Vickers wrestling with a protester

Need one more dot? On May 26, 2016, Ambassador Vickers, who is part Irish, wrestled with a protester during a ceremony to remember the British soldiers who died during the Easter Rising at Grangegorman Military Cemetery in Dublin. Could the ghost of a leader of the Irish be sending a message to Vickers? The ambassador was concerned at the time about losing his job over the controversial incident (he still has it) and he gives no indication if he started hearing the ghostly sounds in Glanmire House before or after it.

Vickers doesn’t know for sertain if the ghost is Pearse but he’s pretty convinced the house is haunted.

"If anyone doubts the validity of this story, you are welcome to come and stay a night or two here. Just now I heard an unusual bang downstairs."

Politically or paranormally – Vickers is dealing with something at Glanmire House.

Paul Seaburn

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