Aug 12, 2017 I Brett Tingley

‘Chupacabra’ Spotted on South Carolina Golf Course

The Carolinas have suddenly become a cryptozoology hotspot. Earlier this year, reports of Normie, a Nessie-like unidentified aquatic beast, surfaced in Lake Norman, North Carolina and revived interest in the local legend. Then, a Bigfoot sighting earlier this month in Western North Carolina led to a flurry of Bigfoot-hunting expeditions and copycat sightings, launching such a frenzy that South Carolina police have had to issue a warning not to shoot any ape-men that hunters might encounter due to the likelihood that it’s just some joker in a suit. With two of the major cryptid categories checked off on the Carolinas’ “Cryptozoology Bingo” card, it was only a matter of time before another classic creature turned up. Let’s see...who’s left? Swamp thing? Mothman? Mystery large cat? Turns out the winner is...EL CHUPACABRA!


Yes, the iconic goat sucker of Central America has reared its ugly head once again in yet another unlikely place. The sighting comes by way of Doug Stewart, who was playing a round of golf at the Santee Cooper Country Club in Santee, South Carolina when a strange creature trotted out onto the course. Being a good 21st-century citizen and all, Stewart pulled out his smartphone to snap a few pics and post them online along with some cheeky hashtags.

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The goat sucker is developing a taste for Titleist Pro V1s.

Stewart posted the images to Facebook along with the hashtag "#ThatAintNoDog," and the post quickly went viral. Comments ranged from “That is a chupacabra, I’m sure of it,” to “demon straight from hell.”

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If hell was populated with sick coyotes, that is.

Unfortunately, the explanation is likely much less interesting although much more disgusting. According to Jay Butfiloski, project manager with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, the curious creature is likely merely some unfortunate dog, coyote, or fox. "It's a canine with mange, it’s not a Chupacabra,” Butfiloski told South Carolina’s ABC 4, “That you can put to bed.” Not in my bed, though. Yuck.

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Most chupacabra sightings can likely be chalked up to similar piteous beasts.

The Santee Cooper Country Club has yet to issue a statement. Could a sighting of ol’ el chupacabra be good for business? Not if mange is infectious.

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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