Aug 26, 2017 I Paul Seaburn

Glyphs Allegedly Show Egyptians Built Pyramids in Australia

We know approximately when the Aboriginal Australians arrived on the island (65,000 to 70,000 years ago) and definitely when Dutch navigator Willem Janszoon landed on Cape York Peninsula (1606 -- 164 years before Captain Cook), but when did the first Egyptians arrive and when did they finish building two pyramids there? Egyptians? Pyramids? Wait, what? Tut in Oz?

If you’re familiar with Australia, you know about a mountain in Cairns in northern Queensland called Walshs (or Walsh's) Pyramid because – do you really need me to explain it? The 922 m (3024 ft.) independent peak is located in Wooroonooran National Park and hosts the annual 12 km Great Pyramid Race (run last weekend – results not available at the time of this writing) up and down the pyramid to celebrate a legendary bet on if it could be done made between two Gordonvale cane farmers at a pub (where else?).

glyphs 2
A Gosford glyph that looks somewhat Egyptian

The annual race must have seemed like a good time for some publications to bring up the controversial theory that Waslshs Pyramid is an actual pyramid build by Egyptians. Those running the race probably noticed that Walshs Pyramid is covered in vegetation and dirt and at no point does anyone step on a pyramid stone. However, that doesn’t stop those who believe that 300 carvings on two sandstone walls in Gosford, NSW, are actually Egyptian hieroglyphs made around 3000 BCE by Egyptians who settled there. Discovered in 1975 by Alan Dash, the Gosford Glyphs are generally dismissed by Egyptologists as fakes made in the 1920s during the worldwide Egypt craze caused by the discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamun.

glyphs 1 640x461
Do these glyphs look Egyptian?

Except for one named Roy Johnson, who claimed he could read the glyphs. Not much seems to be known about him except that a famous Chicago Egyptologist named Roy Johnson was not him. According to the Australian Ray Johnson, the glyphs say that two pyramids were built there by Egyptians – one in Gympie, Queensland, which no longer exists and one in – you guessed it – Cairns. The mysteriously missing Gympie pyramid was allegedly the tomb of an Egyptian royal named Lord Nefer-ti-ru. No evidence of the lord has been found in Gympie.

An alleged photo of the pyramid at Gympie before it was completely demolished.

As you may have guessed, no evidence has been uncovered that the granite mountain named Walshs Pyramid has a pyramid somewhere inside of it, like the fabled yet unproven pyramids under hills in Bosnia. In fact, there’s no glyphs nor artifacts of Egyptians in Cairns, which would seem likely if they were there long enough to build a pyramid. Nor are there any Aboriginal Australians drawings of Egyptians, which would seem likely since the Aboriginal Australians liked to make drawings of everything.

Will this dissuade the believers in an Egyptian pyramid under Walshs Pyramid? Ask again next year around the time of the Great Pyramid Race.

Paul Seaburn

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