Aug 23, 2017 I Paul Seaburn

Goat-Humans, a One-Eyed Pig Monkey and a Blood Red Fountain

The eclipse may be over but the mysterious universe is not resting on its laurels as three strange Fortean phenomena arrive with plenty of mystery and creepiness but no danger of blindness if you stare directly at them. Three stories of hybrid animals – two goat-humans and a one-eyed pig monkey – are followed by a fountain in Costa Rica that mysteriously turned blood red. It’s a Fortean four-play (wait, is that too risque?) … a Fortean frenzy.

Whenever the media presents a story of a goat with human features, two words always seem to appear either in the headline or the first few lines: “terrified” and “demonic.” These two are no exception. AsiaOne revealed that Samiraa Aissa uploaded a video on Facebook on August 17th with this description:

"A strange creature has been discovered in India. The animal, whose shape resembles that of a human being, terrified a whole village."

goat 1
Credit: Samiraa Aissa

Samiraa didn’t reveal how she obtained the video or how she knew that the Indian village was terrified of the goat-human hybrid since her Facebook page says she lives in Paris, France. Fox News had no additional information but kept the tradition alive by using both words in its headline:

“'Demon goat' appears in India, terrifying village with human-like face”

No one provided any information on what may have given this goat a human face, but at least this one appeared to have survived. Another similar goat-human was stillborn last month in Argentina and, as expected:

“Villagers freak out after ‘demonic half human goat’ is born”

goat 2 640x361
Credit: put the obligatory words in the headline and story, along with photographs and a gruesome video of owner Gladys Oveido holding the dead goat with “protruding eyes.”

“One-eyed pig looks more like a monkey”

That’s not much of a headline by for what happened in Cuba where – you guessed it – a “terrified” pig farmer found that one of his sows had given birth to a piglet with the face of a monkey … except for the single Cyclopean eye in the middle of its forehead.

pig 640x467

A video shows the strange piglet feeding with its nine non-terrified siblings in the San Juan y Martinez area of western Cuba where villagers are rushing to view the demonic animal and be terrified, or at least grossed out. While it’s probably a genetic mutation, a local vet is examining the piglet. No word on whether an exorcism is planned.

And finally:

“Water in fountain mysteriously turns blood red in Costa Rica”

blood red water costa rica 640x480

While that’s a headline that should terrify villagers, it’s also terrifying pineapple growers in Costa Rica. Early stories last week focused on the mysterious color of the large fountain in downtown San José, but an anonymous person revealed on social media that this was an act of protest against the pollution and water shortages caused by pineapple production in Costa Rica. The protester revealed something “terrifying” for the next headline:

“The dye used is a chemical dangerous to health, but is not as dangerous as agrochemicals,”

As of this writing, officials hadn’t determined what to do about the poisoned red water but assured terrified residents that it was not attached in any way to the local water supply.

Goat humans, a one-eyed pig monkey and mysterious blood red water. For Forteans, it’s Christmas in August.

Paul Seaburn
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