Aug 03, 2017 I Paul Seaburn

Haunted Hotels in Chicago and Texas Scare Away Customers

A couple of hotels that no one may want to stay at anymore popped up in the news this week. One in Chicago scared an Air India flight crew into staying elsewhere. In Texas, a man staying at an inn in Harlingen recorded things mysteriously moving around in his room. Motel 666?

“Majority of the crew are facing negative energies through paranormal activities in the hotel, most of us share rooms and sleep as we feel scared sleeping alone which is very unpleasant, after operating an ULH we are not able to get proper rest as these things keep playing in our mind. Even online there is a complete description about incidents of paranormal activities about this hotel still the contract with this hotel was signed.”

The news agency ANI obtained a letter sent by an Air India crew’s deputy chief of cabin to Air India management complaining about ghosts at an unnamed Chicago hotel. The employees were an ultra-long haul crew, which generally means they had just come off of a flight lasting at least 12 hours.

air india attendants 640x286
Air India flight attendants grateful they don't fly to Chicago

As the letter states, the “paranormal activities” at this hotel had been described before, possibly on an internal website, and are believed to have been occurring since at least November 2016. While there was no description of the paranormal activity, it was enough for the deputy crew chief to end with this demand:

“I would also request you to please ‘Do Not’ assign me any Chicago flights till the hotel is changed as it’s very uncomfortable in the hotel. Let’s not wait for any miss happening to happen. Waiting for the necessary action.”

ANI contacted Air India management and spokesperson Dhananjay Kumar had this response:

“Matter is under investigation and we are in contact with our Chicago station.”

If the crew gets reassigned to the Delhi-Harlingen route, they may want to avoid the Country Side Inn in Harlingen where a man who calls himself POTUS Frank Ramirez (sounds fishy already) on Facebook posted a video of the strange occurrences in his room, which included a towel and a hangar falling to the ground, and this:

"I was laying here, watching CNN, and that phone fell of its cradle and I have no idea why. It's really freaking me out so I decided to turn on my phone, because I can't figure out what's going on and this happened a couple of times already."

POTUS watching CNN? In a cheap hotel that’s not named after him? That’s as hard to believe as some feel the video is.

Ramirez claims that the hotel moved him to another room and promised not to rent it to anyone else until a priest or minister came to bless it. A local media outlet contacted the hotel but an employee said the motel had “nothing to say.”

Commenters on the video did, pointing out that Ramirez’s free hand seems to twitch like he was pulling a string and magnification seems to show what might be said string attached to the phone.

Are these hotels haunted? Who knows? One thing for certain is that this will be in ads for Airbnb.

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