Aug 10, 2017 I Paul Seaburn

South Carolina Police Issue Bigfoot Warning After Sighting

Yes, it’s true. Police in Greenville, South Carolina, issued an official public safety warning after a Bigfoot sighting was reported the night of on August 4th in McDowell County, North Carolina, about 90 miles across the border between the states. The story was quickly picked up by the media in both states and nationally. Is the warning real? Is the Bigfoot?

NBC affiliate WYFF in McDowell County reported that the Bigfoot investigation group Bigfoot 911 had a team of seven people out in the woods the night of 8/4 and at around 11 pm the light from their glow sticks showed “a large bipedal animal covered in hair” At that point, group spokesperson John Bruner says he sprang into action.

“The angle of the moon was shining straight down on the road and something big stepped into view … I turned my headlamp on and I saw a large bi-pedal animal covered in hair. It took one step into the woods, (then) I took off running toward where it went into the woods.”

Tree where Bigfoot was seen standing (John E. Bruner/ Bigfoot 911)

Bruner was close enough to see its face (“I was able to see details of the creature … like the face, and the hair was matted and stringy. The eyes were farther apart than human eyes.”) but had no chance of catching the creature because it was tall enough to apparently break off a tree branch 9 feet above the ground.

"It's face was solid black, (with) no hair on it. The hair looked shaggy all over (its body.) It turned and took five steps and was at the bottom of the hill, probably 30 yards. I could see the gluteus maximus flexing with each step."

Thirty yards in six steps? That was some gluteus maximus! Bruner posted details of the sighting on the Bigfoot 911 Facebook page and the story was picked up by other North Carolina media outlets, which passed it over the border to the Charlotte Observer and other South Carolina media, where the word eventually reached the police department in Greenville. On Tuesday morning, the department issued the following warning on social media:

“If you see Bigfoot, please do not shoot at him/her, as you'll most likely be wounding a fun-loving and well-intentioned person, sweating in a gorilla costume. #gvlpd #bigfootsightings.”

Before pushing their tongues so firmly into their cheeks, the Greenville police might want to check with The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization which reports 52 sightings in South Carolina, including one in 2000 in Greenville Country. Maybe they should consider a wall since North Carolina has had 96 sightings, including 2 in McDowell County not counting the most recent one.

woods 640x360
Wooded area in North Carolina where Bigfoot was spotted (John E. Bruner/ Bigfoot 911)

Bigfoot sighting, hoax or jokes? Hard to tell without fur, footprints or photos. The warning from the police not to shoot anything big and hairy is greatly appreciated by big and hairy guys walking home from the neighborhood pool party. The national media will be waiting for some videos while a smaller group of Bigfoot fans will be happy with one shot of that “gluteus maximus flexing .”

Paul Seaburn

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