Aug 29, 2017 I Paul Seaburn

Tests are Being Conducted on 3-Fingered Alien Mummy Baby

If you were thinking, “Gee, we haven’t heard anything about those three-fingered alien Peruvian mummies lately,” today is your lucky day. Pull up chair, put on your alpaca chullo, pour a cup of fair trade Peruvian java and get ready for the latest news on the alleged tres-digited aliens and their alleged discoverers and researchers.

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According to, the go-to source for three-fingered alien info outside of (which currently holds the alleged mummies and is regularly releasing (for a fee) videos on its research), one of the mummies appears to be a baby (not to be confused with the alien ‘eggs’ found via x-rays inside a female mummy) and that’s the one they seem to have chosen to remove samples from for DNA analysis (finally!). A fifth video has been released describing this process. Does it also reveal the results of the analysis?

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So-called baby mummy (youtube/

Don’t get ahead of us here – news of these 3-fingered alien mummies is best taken in small doses – or at least that’s how those in possession of them seem to feel. has released its five videos in dribbles, with the last before this latest one revealing that there at least five of these mummies were found in an undisclosed cave by a guy only identified as Mario. The videos and what little other information is available have been examined by real experts such as the World Congress on Mummy Studies and the data so far deemed to be questionable at best, an outright hoax and desecration of remains at worst.

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Previous x-ray of an alleged three-fingered 'alien' hand

The latest video claims that a bone sample was taken from the ‘baby’. Why bone and not tissue? Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Deputy Director of Saint-Petersburg Federal Research Institute of Physical Culture – who has already stated that he believes the mummies are “another creature” – gives his answer:

"It's important that I was able to take sample from the baby because and it was bone, little bone, because it is a solid bone, and it is much easier to make analysis from solid bone than from compared with just tissue. You get a very clear answer of what the dating of this sample is, what the DNA analysis is of this sample, because I have no doubt it is a being, just a little being. Is it male, is it female, what are the genes?"

If you were paying attention, Dr. Korotkov hinted at the same question everyone is asking: What is the DNA analysis of this sample? That’s a bad sign, which was confirmed by spokesperson and director of digital content, Melissa Tittle.

"We are going to give it [the baby] a cat scan, X-ray and samples taken."

In other words, you have to wait for at least the next video to find out. That may come sooner than expected since competition is heating up in the race to identify these 3-fingered Peruvian mummies. Investigative journalists Steve Mera and Barry Fitzgerald are also on the case with their own research and analysis.

Will we ever see a DNA analysis of the Peruvian 3-fingered alien mummies? Did you win the Powerball lottery?

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