Sep 14, 2017 I Brett Tingley

Katy Perry, The Illuminati, and the Death of JonBenet Ramsey

Celebrities are just weird. Can we all agree on that? The pressures and pleasures that come with living in the public eye can do a number on anyone’s psyche. Just look at Michael Jackson. Pepsi over Coke? Yuck. For whatever reason, more and more celebrities have been coming out in recent months with stories of UFOs, Bigfoot, and other Fortean fodder. From Kurt Russell’s claims of witnessing the Phoenix lights firsthand to Rob Lowe’s desperate publicity plea in the form of an alleged Bigfoot sighting, it’s clear that the paranormal is in vogue.

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"That Bigfoot, so hot right now!"

Now, in support of her latest album release, pop starlet Katy Perry has fanned the flames of some of the more outlandish Illuminati conspiracy theories. Perry hosted the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards a few weeks ago, which have already been accused of being full of Illuminati symbolism by out-of-breath YouTube sleuths poring over every minute detail of the award ceremony to find ‘evidence’ to fit their preconceived notions.

The triangular...thingies overhead, in particular, were cited as "proof" that this awards show was nothing but an Illuminati dark magic ceremony. Yes, really.

While the more skeptical of us will roll our collective eyes at these types of claims, one of the artists who designed the backdrops for the award ceremony actually acknowledged that some of the acts requested occult and Illuminati-related imagery to be used and MTV has been quick to fan these conspiratorial flames.

Perry holding up a fake newspaper with the words "THE WORLD IS ON FIRE" has been cited as proof that the Illuminati are going to nuke us all in order to reclaim the planet in the name of the New World Order. Yes, really.

One perhaps misguided moment at MTV’s award ceremony addressed one of the Katy Perry/Illuminati theories head on. If you’re unfamiliar with these conspiracy theories, it has been claimed that Perry is actually a grown JonBenet Ramsey, whose death was faked so that the Illuminati could kidnap her and raise her to be a pop singer who would spread their message to the masses. Believers of this theory cite the resemblance between Perry’s and Ramsey’s eyebrows as their main evidence.

Yes, eyebrows.

In a pre-taped segment at MTV’s award show, Perry was stopped on the street by a “reporter” who asks her to blink twice if she was indeed JonBenet Ramsey. Perry dismisses the reporter and walks away. While it is interesting that this is the first time Perry has publicly acknowledged the Ramsey conspiracy theory, I have to agree with many social media users that this skit was in poor taste.

Perry herself has stated that she wants to join the Illuminati and has been accused of using their alleged symbolism in her videos and 2014 Super Bowl halftime performance. Why are pop singers so obsessed with the idea of the supposed Illuminati anyway? Do they really believe in a shadowy cabal of malevolent figures who control the world like a marionettist?

Perry's latest album cover has been claimed to contain symbolism of the Eye of Providence, or all-seeing eye.

If there is a small group of individuals who actually run the world, they likely don’t know it, and Katy Perry certainly isn't one of them. But who's to say for sure? According to chaos theory, small, even imperceptible changes to a complex system can have massive, catastrophic effects. Who knows which one of us might be the lynchpin in an incredibly intricate global system? Nah, it’s more likely we’re all just lowly serfs toiling under the oppressive weight of a pyramid-shaped capitalist dystopia. But who cares, right? The Sun’s just gonna explode some day anyway. Better to just tune in, drop out, and listen to Katy Perry.

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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