Sep 22, 2017 I Paul Seaburn

Kim Jong-Un May Be Planning to Nuke Planet X

Hot on the heels of a heated hubris by President Trump towards North Korea and its leader, Kim Jong-Un, comes word that those frequent and seemingly escalating nuclear tests by the man getting used to his new “Rocket Man” nickname might actually be preparations to execute his grand plan to save, not destroy, the world as we know it. The leading so-called expert on all things Planet X – including the prediction that Nibiru will collide with the Earth on September 23rd and start the beginning of the Apocalypse – now says the world might be saved from doom by the most unlikely hero … Kim Jong-Un! Can a certain someone in Washington keep his finger off the button just few more days … just in case it’s true?

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He can't believe it either.

Stranger things have happened … OK, maybe not THIS strange. David Meade has ignored NASA and is using the Bible, the Great Pyramid and numerology to validate his doomsday date of September 23rd and its collision-causing connection to Planet X, which no one with a conventional ground or space telescope has seen yet. Fortunately, it appears someone in North Korea has located it and has convinced Kim John-Un that this is his real ticket to everlasting fame and some better nicknames.

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Is this what Kim is trying to prevent?

According to the Daily Star (warning sign #1), the site (whose web page is down for “construction” – warning sign #2) quotes an anonymous source (warning sign #3) who says Kim has an obsession with Planet X and wants to “find a means to save his people from the dark star and its seven orbiting planets,” which is the real reason for the acceleration of his country's nuclear weapons program.

“Kim Jong-un has no desire to provoke the West or launch a devastating nuclear strike against the US. That is all a well-crafted smokescreen concealing the primary reason North Korea opted to enter the nuclear arena: It wants to nuke Nibiru."

Nord korea missil 640x480
Is Kim our best (or only) hope?

Can it work? Will it ruin David Meade’s predictions, his reputation and his future book sales? The Star says Meade doesn’t like the idea for a different reason.

“I suppose it's possible, if not probable – but it won't accomplish anything. Worst case basis it would split the Wormwood star into multiple fragments and cause worse destruction.”

What’s worse than the Apocalypse? How about Meade casually sliding from Planet X to “Wormwood star” and thinking we wouldn’t notice this Book of Revelations connection? This could be considered warning #4 since biblical scholars normally interpret the Wormwood star to be a person, not a giant planet.

You may have noticed that Meade called Kim’s nuking of Planet X ‘probable’. However, his proof is not from Revelations or numerology, which makes it warning #5:

“It is an eerie coincidence.”

Just an eerie coincidence? There are an awful lot of far-flung dots to connect between a Planet X collision and Kim Jong-Un’s nuclear tests, not to mention quite a few warning signs in David Meade’s predictions. We’ll soon have an answer.

In the meantime, if you believe that stranger things have happened ... name one.

Paul Seaburn

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