Sep 07, 2017 I Paul Seaburn

New Photos Shed New Light on Area 51

What going on these days at Area 51, the ‘top secret’ Air Force base in Nevada protected by agents authorized to use “deadly force” to protect the property and the secrets it holds? If you’re tired of the same old satellite photos and don’t want to risk your own life peering through the fence with your phone on a really long selfie stick, you’re resigned to waiting for someone crazy enough to figure other ways to get a look inside. A couple of UFO seekers who call themselves the UFO Seekers did just that recently by climbing a peak for a peek. Piqued?

The dangerous precipice surmounted by these brave Area 51 fanatics is Tikaboo Peak, which is in fact well known as the place for the best outside-the-fence ground-based view of Area 51. While it’s perfectly legal to climb up there, it’s also perfectly frustrating because it’s 26 miles from the base as the crow flies … if the crow managed to survive the flight without being shot down. The peak is at 8,000 feet and is accessible via the Interceptors Trail -- a 25-mile dirt road off of US-93 that is sandy, deeply rutted and dangerous even for an SUV.

topology 640x339
Topology from Area 51 to Tikaboo Peak (credit: Daily Mail)

Despite that, Tim and Tracey Doyle, the intrepid team from UFO Seekers, made it to the top, recording all the way. At the peak, they set up a camera with a super-long-distance lens to record what was going on at Area 51 on a typical day. As you might expect, they spotted what appear to be flying saucers, small beings with large grey heads working out in what looks like a heavily guarded prison recreation area and a triangular-shaped jet that moved almost too fast to be seen and may have cloaked.

OK, that last part was what you hoped they saw, right? The shots of Area 51 are clear and sharp, but they showed what the military personnel would feel comfortable showing in the direction of a peak that is known to occasionally have people with high-powered lenses peering back at them. They saw conventional military vehicles, roads, hangars, runways and buildings. One of the hangars was one that had been know to be under construction and new appears to be completed, but what’s inside couldn’t be seen through any tiny windows … if those dots were really windows. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to be in use for anything out of the ordinary – at least from a distance of 26 miles.

What about in the other direction? The UFO Seekers noticed a large antenna on Tikaboo Peak. It’s been there since at least 2015 and, while its purported purpose is to provide weather data to the base, it’s most likely sending surveillance videos as well, so dress nice and wave if you make the trek.

And yes, anyone can make the trek … not just ufo seekers or UFO Seekers. If their video piques your interest in a peek from the peak, check the trail and hiking guides in Las Vegas or the Tikaboo Peak Facebook page. Yes, the secret peeking peak has a Facebook page – so much for being the first (or the second) to get exclusive shots of the latest whatever from Area 51.

The best part about the video by UFO Seekers is the adventure itself. They do a great job of recording the trek and their pictures – while not of alien bodies or crashed spaceships – are excellent photos of the most famous base in the U.S. That’s what adventure is all about … the day you climb the peak just might be the day the saucer lands.

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