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Orange UFO Buzzes Passenger Plane Over Scotland

An airliner in Scotland had a recent close encounter with an object which aviation experts have so far been unable to identify. The incident is the second such near-miss to happen at the airport since 2012.

As if plane travel wasn't scary enough.

The Glasgow-based Evening Times reported the incident this week after the near-miss was posted to the UK Airprox Board, a forum where pilots and passengers can post reports of “airprox.” An airprox is defined as any incident “in which, in the opinion of a pilot or air traffic services personnel, the distance between aircraft as well as their relative positions and speed have been such that the safety of the aircraft involved may have been compromised.” According to the report, the incident occurred on May 26 when an Airbus A230 was on approach into the Glasgow Airport:

The A320 pilot reports the he was approximately three nautical miles finals for Runway 23 when the crew spotted an orange light ahead and slightly above, which appeared to be traveling in the opposite direction. The light passed about 100-200ft above their aircraft.

The report concludes by noting that “the board could not determine the identity or proximity of the object.” Sightings and near-misses of drones have become fairly common over the last couple years as commercial drones are becoming more popular, but pilots and air traffic control personnel are usually able to easily identify drone encounters. 

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Near-misses with drones have become unsettlingly common.

There have been other similar close calls reported lately, including an incident with a Canadian airliner in which pilots were forced to take evasive action in order to avoid an oncoming UFO. Sightings of UFOs occurring on passenger planes have been shown to be on the rise. Are these merely a result of increased drone activity, or is something else afoot in our skies? Either one is sure to worry frequent flyers.

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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