Sep 13, 2017 I Brett Tingley

Otherworldly Sounds Heard in the Sky Ahead of Hurricane Irma

With all of the horrific natural disasters lately, we’ve had the chance to witness some of the unexplained and mysterious phenomena that sometimes accompany many of these meteorological and seismic events. From eerie earthquake lights in Mexico to strange clouds of toxic mist in England, the planet has been pretty weird lately. Must be that Mercury retrograde. 

Mercury retrograde is totally throwing my energies out of orientation.

No, not really. At any rate, the global weirdness has continued this year with reports coming in all over the globe of unexplained, eerie sounds which seem to emanate directly from the sky. Take this video (admittedly not the best quality) taken in Virginia on September 1st:

A few days later, similar haunting, chime-like sounds were recorded in Illinois:

These sounds were heard in the days prior to Hurricane Irma making landfall in the U.S. On top of that, unexplained booms have been reported in many areas over the last week, from South Australia to New Jersey and even throughout the U.K. Could all of these be related? 

It’s possible, sure. These unexplained noises and the recent deadly hurricanes in the Americas has me wondering, though. I’m not one to typically buy into HAARP or geoengineering conspiracies, but the timing of their recent announcement that the facility is resuming ionospheric experimentation sure has me wondering: Could it be possible for a shadowy military research facility to alter the climate and create superstorms? Who would benefit from such destruction of property and loss of life? I dunno, while I like the idea of HAARP-related high strangeness, that one’s still left to the realm of science fiction.

They're just creating artificial auroras and bouncing high-energy transmissions off of the ionosphere. What could go wrong?

More likely, these anomalies could be the result of the intense and unprecedented solar weather currently wreaking havoc on our upper atmosphere. We’re just beginning to understand the interactions between cosmic and solar radiation and the Earth’s protective fields. Given that the Earth’s magnetic field has been shown to be weakening lately, perhaps these strange sounds are the magnetosphere and ionosphere ‘crying out’ as they are lashed by flares of solar radiation. Sounds pretty cool, anyway.

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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